Pablo Cruise

"The bottom line is the record. We can't try to be too image conscious; we have to take some chances and be in control of what we do. We can't get bored making the same records. It's easy to say 'is there 'A Place in the Sun' or 'Love Will Find a Way' on there?"--Cory Lerios


Jerry Moss signed Pablo Cruise to A&M Records in 1975. The group would record seven albums over ten years for A&M.

Pablo Cruise's instrumentals were used in the CBS Sports Spectacular, NBC's Sports World, ABC's Wide World of Sports ("Zero to 60 in 5 Seconds") and Monday Night Football.

The band shared a bill with the Beach Boys and Steve Miller playing the first ever rock show at Giants Stadium at the Meadowlands. The group started touring in May and stayed on the road through August. In September the band started a tour on the west coast.

To support the A Place in the Sun album, A&M worked with radio stations on contests with prizes that ranged from Pablo Cruise beach towels to "place in the sun" vacations. The band toured and did television appearances to support the album.

Pablo Cruise was the first rock band to perform at the Grand Ole Opry.

The album Worlds Away shipped gold in June 1978. Also in June the band shot a promotional film of "Love Will Find a Way" and "Worlds Away" at the Oakland Paramount.

Pablo Cruise Vancouver, Canada 1976 CRIA Award


Pablo Cruise in Vancouver, Canada where they played to SRO shows in  October1976. The band celebrating CRIA platinum awards for their Worlds Away album with A&M Canada, local retail media and radio. Top Row: David Jenkins, Jim Monaco (A&M national publicity manager), Cory Lerios, Neil McGonigill (A&M Calgary Branch), Al Harrison (Calgary Branch manager A&M), Bob Brown (Pablo Cruise's Manager),  Richard Broden (A&M Vancouver sales), Rudy LeValley (A&M West Coast sales and promotion). Bottom Row: Chuck Lutz (Pablo Cruise road manager), Doug Chappell (A&M V.P. Promotion & Artist Development), Bruce Day, Steve Price. Photo by Dee Lippingwell.

Pablo Cruise performed the song "Dreamer" which was included in the film of the same name. Their song "A Place in the Sun" was used in the motion picture "An Unmarried Woman."

The Part of the Game "is a slight departure from 'Worlds Away.' The music deals simply with the games we all play with one another, the games we're all used to and those we experience day by day. I think there is a lot more emotional content in this record," Cory Lerios told Billboard. David Jenkins added, "We looked at the things on all our minds, especially loving and losing and moving in and out of relationships."

In 1979, Pablo Cruise matched the attendance record in the main showroom at the Sahara-Tahoe that was set by Elvis Presley.

The photo below is of Pablo Cruise and their crew with A&M Records Canada aboard the good ship Sales Award in Toronto Harbor.

Pablo Cruise Toronto, Canada radio cruise


Front: Jim Monaco (publicity, Chuck Lutz  (band road manager), 
2nd Row: Sue Lewellyn (A&M National Promotion), Bruce Day, Cory Lerios, Bev, Bud Cockrell, David Jenkins, Ray Rosenberg (A&M Ontario Branch Manager), Doug Chappell (Director Promotion/Artist Development A&M)
Back Row:   unknown, Lorna Richards (national publicity), Larry Wilson (CHUM FM), Larry Wilson CHUM FM, Kim Sharpe (national publicity), Greg Barkley (Ontario sales), Bill Ott (VP sales and marketing)., Doug Chappell (VP promotion and artist development) Photo courtesy Matthew Wylie.



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Recording Years / Label
1975-1983 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Angelo Rossi 1981 guitar, vocals
Bruce Day 1977-1980 bass, vocals
Bud Cockrell 1975-1977 bass
Corey Lerios 1977-1983 keyboards, vocals
Dave Jenkins 1977-1983 guitars, vocals
David Perper 1983 drums, vocals
John Pierce 1980-1983 bass, vocals
Stef Birnbaum 1983 guitars
Stephen Price 1977-1981 drums, percussion
Name Birth Death
Angelo Rossi
Bruce Day 1951-05-04
Bud Cockrell 1950-03-28 2010-03-06
Corey Lerios 1951-02-10
Dave Jenkins 1947-08-29
David Perper 1952-01-01
John Pierce
Stef Birnbaum
Stephen Price 1951-08-17
Name See associated acts
Angelo Rossi Cockrell-Santos
Bud Cockrell Cockrell-Santos

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