Humble Pie

Formed by Peter Frampton and Jerry Shirley. Named by Steve Marriott, the third member to join followed by Greg Ridley. Frampton told Rolling Stone, "It was incredible in the beginning. Even though Steve and I were completely different in our approaches, we were really out to beat the game together....All we wanted was to make it on our own terms."

Humble Pie was the first British rock act signed to A&M Records.

In Australia, "Natural Born Boogie" peaked at #9.

Rockin' the Fillmore was the album that made Humble Pie a major band in the U.S.

In September 1972, Humble Pie re-signed with A&M Records.


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Recording Years / Label
1970-1975 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Greg Ridley bass, guitar, vocals
Jerry Shirley drums, vocals, guitar
Peter Frampton guitar, vocals, keyboard
Steve Marriott guitar, keyboard, vocals
Name Birth Death
Greg Ridley 1947-10-23 2003-11-19
Jerry Shirley 1952-02-04
Peter Frampton 1950-04-22
Steve Marriott 1947-01-30 1990-04-20