In 1996, PolyGram, the parent company of A&M Records and Polydor Records, made A&M Records the co-marketer and distributor of Polydor Records in the United States. PolyGram had merged Polydor and Atlas Records into its Polydor Records division in the U.S. before moving their distribution to A&M. The pairing of A&M and Polydor gave Polydor a Nashville presence under A&M Nashville. Elton John's Rocket Records joined Polydor in 1996 and together became A&M Associated Labels in 1999. Oversees distribution continued under PolyGram.

In 1999 Polydor Records and Rocket Records became A&M Associated Labels. Nick Gatfield and Johnny Barbis were co-presidents; Patrick Jordan was the executive director and David Barbis was the director of national promotion. 

The other labels in A&M Associated Labels were Avatar Records, DV8 Records1500 Records, Rocket Records and Savvy Records. 

After PolyGram was merged into Universal Music Group in 1999, Universal realigned Polydor U.S. into its Motown Records Group.


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