38 Special Discography

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10 From 38

20th Century Fox/One Of the Lonely

20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection

38 Special


AOR Top Tracks Sampler

Authorized Bootleg: Nassau Coliseum

Back Alley Sally

Back to Paradise

Back to Paradise/Hold On Loosely

Back Where You Belong

Back Where You Belong/If I’d Been the One

Back Where You Belong/Undercover Lover

Best Of the A&M Years

Caught Up In You

Caught Up In You/Firestarter

Chain Lightnin'

Chain Lightnin'/Back On the Track

Chain Lightnin'/Prisoners Of Rock 'N' Roll

Comin' Down Tonight

Comin' Down Tonight/Chattahoochee

Fantasy Girl

Fantasy Girl/Honky Tonk Dancer

Firestarter/Caught Up In You

First Time Around/Rockin' Into the Night/Fantasy Girl


Flashback Live

Flashback Live EP

Hearts On Fire

Hold On Loosely

Hold On Loosely/Rockin' Into the Night

Hold On Loosely/Throw Out the Line

Hold On Loosely/Wild Eyed Southern Boys/Rockin' Into the Night/First Time Around

Hold On Loosely/You Keep Runnin' Away

I'm a Fool For You/Travelin' Man


If I'd Been the One

If I'd Been the One/20th Century Fox

If I’d Been the One/Twentieth Century Fox

Like No Other Night

Like No Other Night/Hearts On Fire

Like No Other Night/Hearts On Fire/Hold On Loosely

Like No Other Night/Rockin' Into the Night

Live At the Rainbow Music Hall 3/26/80

Long Time Gone/Four Wheels

One In a Million

One In a Million/Against the Night

One In a Million/Last Time Forever

One Time For Old Times

One Time For Old Times/Long Distance Affair

Rock & Roll Strategy

Rock & Roll Strategy/Love Strikes

Rockin' Into the Night

Rockin' Into the Night/Hold On Loosely

Rockin' Into the Night/Robin Hood

Rockin’ Into the Night

Second Chance

Second Chance/Caught Up In You

Second Chance/Comin' Down Tonight

Second Chance/Comin’ Down Tonight

Somebody Like You

Somebody Like You/Against the Night

Special Delivery

Special Forces

Stone Cold Believer Parts 1 & 2

Stone Cold Believer/Half the Truth

Stone Cold Believer/Rockin' Into the Night

Strength In Numbers

Teacher, Teacher

Teacher, Teacher/20th Century Fox

Tell Everybody/Play a Simple Song

The Best Of

Tour de Force