38 Special

"We want people to recognize our songs for years to come. To achieve that you have to have the attitude that you're going to outdo the last project," Jeff Carlisi told Billboard. "We want to be taken seriously and not be seen as a Southern rock band. We worked hard to get out of that categorization. Southern rock is getting dated.

38 Special gold album

Wild-Eyed Southern Boys gold record ceremony at A&M Records.  
Front Row: Steve Resnick, Richie Gallo, unknown, Steve Brookins, Larry Junstrom, Jack Grondin. 
Back Row: Marki Babineau, Jordan Harris, Charlie Minor, David Passick (co-manager), Alan Oken, Don Barnes, Donnie Van Zandt, Jeff Carlisi, Mark Spector (co-manager), Herb Alpert, Martin Kirkup, Harold Childs, Gil Friesen, Jeff Ayeroff


38 Special's concert at Rainbow Music Hall in Denver, CO was filmed for airing on MTV.

38 Special played a concert in Houston, TX on October 31, 1986. It was broadcast live on Westwood One Radio.

Strength in Numbers was promoted with a radio-only CD single of "Like No Other Night." Only 1,000 copies of the CD were made. There was also a promotional video of "Like No Other Night" for MTv.

Don Barnes recorded a solo album for A&M in 1989 that was never released. It was caught in the time when PolyGram bought A&M. 


38 Special New Music On A&M Records 
38 Special: Rockin' Into the Night
Anthology press release

The Very Best of the A&M Years (1977-1988) press release


  Music Monitor. Cary Darling. Billboard, October 17, 1981.  
  38 Special Shooting for New Image, Top 40 Hits. Binda Moleski. Billboard, June 6, 1986, 40.  
  Featured Programming. Billboard, October 25, 1986.
There's Still Something Special About .38. Michael Smith. GRITZ, February 2000.



38 Special: Wild-Eyed Southern Boys RIAA gold album certification
38 Special: Special Forces A&M Records in-house platinum certification
Recording Years / Label
1977-1989 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Don Barnes guitar, piano, vocals
Donnie Van Zant vocals
Jack Grondin drums
Jeff Carlisi guitar
Larry Junstrum bass, guitar
Scott Hoffman 1987-1990 drums
Steve Brookins 1977-1987 drums
Name Birth Death
Don Barnes 1952-12-03
Donnie Van Zant 1952-06-11
Jack Grondin 1951-10-03
Jeff Carlisi 1952-07-15
Larry Junstrum 1949-06-02 2019-10-05
Scott Hoffman 1961-10-10
Steve Brookins 1951-06-02
Name See associated acts
Don Barnes Don Barnes

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