Heart In Motion - Amy Grant

Stock Number
LP 88068
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1991
Credit Sort descending Role
Amy Grant background vocal
Amy Grant executive producer
Barry Green trombone
Bill Deaton overdub
Bill Whittington engineer
Blair Masters keyboards
Bob Loftus engineer
Brian Malouf mix
Brian Tankersley synthesizer
Brown Bannister producer
Charlie Peacock arranger
Charlie Peacock keyboards
Chris Eaton background vocal
Chris McDonald arranger
Chris McHugh drums
Chris Rodriguez background vocal
Chuck Beeson art direction
Clark Germain overdub
Clif Norrell mix assistant
Dann Huff guitar
David Ahlert engineer
David Raven drums
Diana DeWitt background vocal
Don Kirkpatrick guitar
Donna McElroy background vocal
Gary Chapman background vocal
Gordon Kennedy guitar
Janet Hinde coordination
Jeff Balding engineer
Jeff Balding mix
Jerry McPherson guitar
Keith Thomas arranger
Keith Thomas background vocal
Keith Thomas bass
Keith Thomas drum programming
Keith Thomas percussion
Keith Thomas producer
Keith Thomas synthesizer
Kelly Pribble assistant engineer
Kim Fleming background vocal
Kurt Howell background vocal
Laura Livingston engineer
Mark Douthit sax
Mark Hammond drum programming
Mark Hammond percussion
Michael Blanton executive producer
Michael Omartian background vocal
Michael Omartian keyboards
Michael Omartian producer
Michael Omartian sequencing
Mike Haynes trumpet
Pat MacDougall assistant engineer
Richard Headen coordination
Rick Will overdub
Robbie Buchanan bass
Robbie Buchanan keyboards
Ron Hemby background vocal
Rowan Moore design
Sam Levine baritone sax
Stephen Marcussen mastering
Steve Bishir overdub
Susanne Schwartz background vocal
Terry Christian engineer
Terry Christian mix
Terry Christian overdub
Todd Culross assistant engineer
Todd Moore assistant engineer
Todd Moore production assistant
Tom Hemby guitar
Tommy Sims bass
Traci Sterling coordination
Vicki Hampton background vocal
Victoria Cameron photography

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