Innocence Mission

Brad Pollak, A&M director of product development told Billboard, "We know that Karen Peris is as talented as talent gets. She's not pretending to be hip; she's an artist who believes strongly in her own vision of what a singer is, of what a writer is, or of what a lyricist is....There's something there, and we have to be patient about getting people to see that."

  1. A&M Shines the Light on Innocence Mission's 'Glow.' Brian Q. Newcomb. Billboard, April 29, 1995.
Recording Years / Label
1989-1998 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Don Peris 1989-1998 guitars
Karen Peris 1989-1998 vocals, keyboards
Mike Bitts 1989-1998 bass
Steve Brown 1989-1998 drums
Name Birth Death
Don Peris 1963-06-30
Karen Peris 1963-07-18
Mike Bitts 1965-07-31
Steve Brown

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