Atlantic Starr Compilation Releases

There are 39 compilation releases for Atlantic Starr. Click the links for the general discography then click the stock number link for detailed information including tracks and personnel credits.

A&M "Now" & "Then"

A&M 50: the Anniversary Collection

A&M Black Super Best

A&M CD Super Selection 2000

A&M Funky Stars

A&M History 100: A&M 60's and 70's Single Box

A&M Prime Cuts Vol. 4

A&M Prime Cuts Vol. 5

A&M Special Compilation CD

All Night Dance Party

Classics In-Store Sampler

Foreplay #18

Foreplay #40

Foreplay #8

Golden Love Songs Vol. 2

Love Ballad Collection

Mellow Songs For Sweet Lovers


Now On Chart A&M

R&B Hit Kit #4

R&B Hit Kit Spring '81

Rock the House A&M Urban/Black CD Sampler

Rondor Music—Rhythm & Blues

Special Club Sampler

Stand Up/You Look Marvelous/One Love/React

Urban Black '82

Urban Black (Station KLTD FM99MHz)

Winning Combinations