Atlantic Starr Compilation Releases

There are 39 compilation releases for Atlantic Starr. Click below for detailed information.

A&M "Now" & "Then"

A&M 50: the Anniversary Collection

A&M Black Super Best

A&M CD Super Selection 2000

A&M Funky Stars

A&M History 100: A&M 60's and 70's Single Box

A&M Prime Cuts Vol. 4

A&M Prime Cuts Vol. 5

A&M Special Compilation CD

All Night Dance Party

Classics In-Store Sampler

Foreplay #18

Foreplay #40

Foreplay #8

Golden Love Songs Vol. 2

Love Ballad Collection

Mellow Songs For Sweet Lovers


Now On Chart A&M

R&B Hit Kit #4

R&B Hit Kit Spring '81

Rock the House A&M Urban/Black CD Sampler

Rondor Music—Rhythm & Blues

Special Club Sampler

Stand Up/You Look Marvelous/One Love/React

Urban Black '82

Urban Black (Station KLTD FM99MHz)

Winning Combinations