R&B Hit Kit Spring '81

Stock Number
SP 17149
SP 017149-A/B
A&M Records
United States
Released: 1981
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Atlantic Starr 1 When Love Calls 00:00:00
Jerry Knight 2 Perfect Fit 00:00:00
Brenda Russell 3 If You Love 00:00:00
Passage 4 Have You Heard the Word 00:00:00
Quincy Jones 5 Ai No Corrida 00:00:00
Dennis Brown 6 Foul Play 00:00:00
Quincy Jones 7 Just Once 00:00:00
Brenda Russell 8 Sensitive Man 00:00:00
Atlantic Starr 9 Am I Dreaming 00:00:00
Jerry Knight 10 Turn It Out 00:00:00

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