Baja Marimba Band Discography

There are 284 recordings for Baja Marimba Band. Click the links for the worldwide releases by recording title then click the stock number for the detailed discography including tracks, credits, format and release information.

A&M Digitally Remastered Best

Acapulco 1922/Moonglow and Picnic Theme

Acapulco Gold

Along Comes Mary/The Wall Street Rag

Along Comes Mary/Yes Sir, That’s My Baby

As Time Goes By

As Time Goes By/Spanish Flea

Baja Marimba Band

Baja Marimba Band/Baja Marimba Band Rides Again

Baja Nights

Baja Ska/Samba de Orfeu

Baja Ska/Samba De Orfeu

Big Red/Peru ’68


Brasilia/Goin’ Out the Side Door

Brasilia/Red Roses For a Blue Lady/Majorca/Woody Woodpecker Song

Brasilia/Yes Sir, That’s My Baby

Can You Dig It: Part I/Can You Dig It: Part II

Comin’ In the Back Door

Comin’ In the Back Door/December’s Child

Comin’ In the Back Door/Moonglow/Picnic Theme

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?/Fiddler On the Roof

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?/I Say a Little Prayer/Yes Sir, That’s My Baby/In a Vera Cruz Vein

Flyin’ High/Les Bicyclettes de Belsize

For Animals Only

For Animals Only/Yellow Bird


Fowl Play

Fowl Play/The Sound Of Silence

Fresh Air

Fresh Air/Samba Nuevo/Ola/Te Toco La Marimba

Fresh Air/Wave

Georgy Girl

Georgy Girl/Cabeza Arriba!

Georgy Girl/Spanish Eyes/Winchester Cathedral/Domingo

Ghost Riders In the Sky/Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

Ghost Riders In the Sky/Georgy Girl

Ghost Riders In the Sky/Sabor a Mi

Goin’ Out the Side Door/Brasilia

Greatest Hits

Heads Up

Herb Alpert Presenta Lo Mejor de La Baja Marimba Band

How Much Is That Doggie In the Window/Puff the Magic Dragon

I Don’t Want to Walk Without You/I’ll Marimba You

I Say a Little Prayer/Do You Know the Way to San Jose

I Say a Little Prayer/Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

I’ll Marimba You--a Portrait In Music

In Questo Disco I Nostri Successi


Man That’s Coffee/I’ll Marimba You

Man, That’s Coffee/I’ll Marimba You

Marimbas du Mexique

Moonglow and Picnic Theme

Moonglow and Picnic Theme/Acapulco 1922

On the Loose

Pedro’s Porch/Wincle Lamoyan Coan

Picasso Summer/Samba Nuevo

Play Me Sales Stimulator

Riders In the Sky/Georgy Girl

Riders In the Sky/Sabor a Mi

Riders In the Sky/Somewhere My Love/Las Altenitas/Quiereme Mucho

Rides Again

Sound Of Silence

Sounds Of Silence/Charade

Sounds Of Silence/Fowl Play

Spanish Eyes

Spanish Flea/As Time Goes By

Sunday Mornin’/Fiddler On the Roof

The Baja Marimba Band

The Baja Marimba Band Rides Again

The Cry Of the Wild Goose/Spanish Moss

The Cry Of the Wild Goose/The Portuguese Washerwoman

The Incomparable Sound Of the Baja Marimba Band

The Last Of the Red Hot Llamas

The Last Of the Red Hot Llamas/Yours

The Portuguese Washerwoman/Brasilia/Juarez/Majorca

The Portuguese Washerwoman/Telephone Song