TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Red Skelton Show 1970-4-26 Fresh Air/Comin' Through the Back Door
Baja Marimba Band 1970-3-8 Las Vegas, NV
Hollywood Palace 1970-1-31 Hey Jude
Mike Douglas Show 1969-8-26
Kraft Music Hall 1969-2-26 A Taste of Honey/Brasilia/Flying High/Inka Dinka Do/Spanish Eyes
Hollywood Palace 1969-3-22 I'll Marimba You
Ed Sullivan Show 1969-5-4 Comin' in the Back Door/Big Red
Mike Douglas Show 1969-5-12
Joey Bishop Show 1969-5-29
David Frost Show 1969-8-28
Jackie Gleason Show 1969-10-10
Red Skelton Show 1969-10-28 Brasilia/Fresh Air
_ 1969 Brasilia (with Jack Benny, Cissy Wechter)
Man That's Coffee 1969 Maxwell House Ads
PBS Special 1969 Comin' in the Back Door/Brasilia/La Cucaracha/Taco Bell/Elegant Rag/Copacabana/Samba de OrpheuOrpheu/Sunrise, Sunset/A Banda Nado/Spanish Flea-For Animals Only=Wall Street Rag-Up Cherry Street/Gay Ranchero
Smothers Brothers Comedey Hour 1968-6-9 Brasilia
Jackie Gleason Show 1968-12-28
Mike Douglas Show 1968-11-13
Mike Douglas Show 1968-10-16
Merv Griffin Show 1968-7-1
Merv Griffin Show 1968-5-30
Jerry Lewis Show 1968-4-19
Operation: Entertainment 1968-4-5 Gay Ranchero/Fowl Play
Tonight Show 1968-3-10
Tonight Show 1968-2-18
Jerry Lewis Show 1968-2-6 Comin' in the Back Door/What Now My Love
Jerry Lewis Show 1967-9-12
Dean Martin Show 1967-1-15 Gay Ranchero
Smothers Brothers 1967-3-15 Brasilia
Pat Boone Show 1967-3-16
Kraft Music Hall 1967-10-18 Gay Ranchero
Hollywood Palace 1967-12-12 For Animals Only/Fiddler on the Roof/Walk on By
Roger Miller Special 1966-1-19 Baja's TV debut
Mike Douglas Show 1966-12-15
Mike Douglas Show 1966-12-8
Red Skelton Show 1966-11-1 Portuguese Washerwoman/Comin' in the Back Door/Juarez
Hollywood Palace 1966-10-1 Portuguese Washerwoman/Acapulco 1922
Tonight Show 1966-3-27
Red Skelton Show 1966-3-13