Baja Marimba Band TV Show Appearances

Baja Marimba Band made 39 guest appearances on television programs around the world. You can sort the table by the name of the television show, the date it aired or by country.

TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Red Skelton Show 1970-4-26 Fresh Air/Comin' Through the Back Door
Baja Marimba Band 1970-3-8 Las Vegas, NV
Hollywood Palace 1970-1-31 Hey Jude
Mike Douglas Show 1969-8-26
Kraft Music Hall 1969-2-26 A Taste of Honey/Brasilia/Flying High/Inka Dinka Do/Spanish Eyes
Hollywood Palace 1969-3-22 I'll Marimba You
Ed Sullivan Show 1969-5-4 Comin' in the Back Door/Big Red
Mike Douglas Show 1969-5-12
Joey Bishop Show 1969-5-29
David Frost Show 1969-8-28
Jackie Gleason Show 1969-10-10
Red Skelton Show 1969-10-28 Brasilia/Fresh Air
_ 1969 Brasilia (with Jack Benny, Cissy Wechter)
Man That's Coffee 1969 Maxwell House Ads
PBS Special 1969 Comin' in the Back Door/Brasilia/La Cucaracha/Taco Bell/Elegant Rag/Copacabana/Samba de OrpheuOrpheu/Sunrise, Sunset/A Banda Nado/Spanish Flea-For Animals Only=Wall Street Rag-Up Cherry Street/Gay Ranchero
Smothers Brothers Comedey Hour 1968-6-9 Brasilia
Jackie Gleason Show 1968-12-28
Mike Douglas Show 1968-11-13
Mike Douglas Show 1968-10-16
Merv Griffin Show 1968-7-1
Merv Griffin Show 1968-5-30
Jerry Lewis Show 1968-4-19
Operation: Entertainment 1968-4-5 Gay Ranchero/Fowl Play
Tonight Show 1968-3-10
Tonight Show 1968-2-18
Jerry Lewis Show 1968-2-6 Comin' in the Back Door/What Now My Love
Jerry Lewis Show 1967-9-12
Dean Martin Show 1967-1-15 Gay Ranchero
Smothers Brothers 1967-3-15 Brasilia
Pat Boone Show 1967-3-16
Kraft Music Hall 1967-10-18 Gay Ranchero
Hollywood Palace 1967-12-12 For Animals Only/Fiddler on the Roof/Walk on By
Roger Miller Special 1966-1-19 Baja's TV debut
Mike Douglas Show 1966-12-15
Mike Douglas Show 1966-12-8
Red Skelton Show 1966-11-1 Portuguese Washerwoman/Comin' in the Back Door/Juarez
Hollywood Palace 1966-10-1 Portuguese Washerwoman/Acapulco 1922
Tonight Show 1966-3-27
Red Skelton Show 1966-3-13