Captain & Tennille Discography

There are 263 releases for Captain & Tennille. Click below for detailed information.

20 Greatest Hits

20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection

A&M Digitally Remastered Best

A&M Gold Series

A&M New Gold Series

A&M Startrax

Butterscotch Castle/The Good Songs

Can't Stop Dancin'

Can't Stop Dancin'/Mis Canciones

Can't Stop Dancin'/The Good Songs

Captain & Tennille Box

Captain & Tennille Super Compact

Captain & Tennille's Greatest Hits

Circles/1954 Boogie Blues

Come In From the Rain

Come In From the Rain/We Never Really Say Goodbye

Do That to Me One More Time


Gentle Stranger/The Way I Want to Touch You

Going Bananas/Shop Around

Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits/Dream

I'm On My Way/Sad Eyes

I'm On My Way/We Never Really Say Goodbye


Lonely Night (Angel Face)/Shop Around

Lonely Night (Angel Face)/Smile For Me One More Time

Love Will Keep Us Together

Love Will Keep Us Together/Broddy Bounce

Love Will Keep Us Together/Gentle Stranger

Love Will Keep Us Together/I Write the Songs/The Way I Want to Touch You/Por Amor Viviremos

Love Will Keep Us Together/Lonely Night (Angel Face)

Love Will Keep Us Together/Lonely Night (Angel Face)/The Way I Want to Touch You

Love Will Keep Us Together/The Way I Want to Touch You

Muskrat Love

Muskrat Love/1954 Boogie Blues

Muskrat Love/Can't Stop Dancin'

Muskrat Love/Honey Come Love Me

Por Amor Viviremos

Por Amor Viviremos/Broddy Bounce


Shop Around

Shop Around/Butterscotch Castle

Song Of Joy

Song Of Joy/The Wedding Song (There Is Love)

Song Of Joy/Wedding Song (There Is Love)


The Captain & Tennille

The Way I Want to Touch You

The Way I Want to Touch You/Broddy Bounce

The Way I Want to Touch You/God Only Knows

The Way I Want to Touch You/Honey Come Love Me


Ultimate Collection

Way I Want to Touch You/Disney Girls

Wedding Song (There Is Love)

You Need a Woman Tonight/Love Me Like a Baby

You Never Done It Like That/"D" Keyboard Blues