Captain & Tennille TV Show Appearances

Captain & Tennille guest appearances on television programs around the world. Following is a list of the shows with 93 results. You can sort by the name of the show and the date.
TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Solid Gold Summer 84 1984-6 Love Will Keep Us Together
Musikladen 1980-5-22 Do That to Me One More Time
Midnight Special 1980-2-1 Do That to Me One More Time
Midnight Special 1980-1-25 Love Will Keep Us Together
Sensational, Shocking, Wonderful, Wacky '70s 1980-1-4
Midnight Special 1979-11-9 You Never Done It Like That/Do That to Me One More Time (from 10/19/1979)
Midnight Special 1979-10-19 You Never Done It Lkie That/Do That to Me One More Time
Midnight Special 1978-2-24 Sad Eyes
Carol Burnett Show 1978-1-29
ABC Television 25th Anniversary 1978-2-4 Toni performs Silly Love Songs with Karen Carpenter
Mike Douglas Show 1978-2-28
Midnight Special 1978-3-3 Tribute to the Captain & Tennille
Dinah 1978-3-29
American Bandstand 1978-4-1
Mike Douglas Show 1978-4-3
Bob Hope Comedy Special 1977-3-20
Captain & Tennille Show 1977-1-2
Captain & Tennille Show 1977-1-9
Captain & Tennille Show 1977-1-16
Captain & Tennille Show 1977-1-24 Let Your Love Flow/Send In the Clowns/You're All I Need to Get By/You Make Me Feel Like Dancing/Georgia On My Mind/You Are the Sunshine of y Life/All In Love Is Fair/Until You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)
Midnight Special 1977-1-28 Love Will Keep Us Together (originally aired 11/14/1975)
Captain & Tennille Show 1977-1-30
American Music Awards 1977-1-31
American Bandstand 1977-2-4
Captain & Tennille Show 1977-2-5 1954 Boogie Blues/Mister Sandman/Life Goes On
Captain & Tennille Show 1977-2-12 Laughter In the Rain/The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face/Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Captain & Tennille Show 1977-2-19 Rescue Me/Pick Up the Pieces/My Boyfriend's Back
Captain & Tennille Show 1977-2-26 When You're Smiling-Ka Ding Dong-Ain't Misbehavin/Put It Where You Want It/Heatwave
Die Drehscheibe 1977-12-13
George Burns One-Man Show 1977-11-23
Dick Clark's Good Ol' Days 1977-10-11
Midnight Special 1977-9-9 Can't Stop Dancin'/Come in From the Rain/1954 Boogie Blues/Circles
Good Morning America 1977-6-27
Midnight Special 1977-5-27 Natural Woman
Top of the Pops 1977-3-24
Captain & Tennille Show 1977-3-4 Last show on ABC. Mockingbird/I Don't Know How to Love Him
Grammy Awards 1977-2-19
Captain & Tennille Show 1976-10-31
Captain & Tennille Show 1976-12-27
Captain & Tennille Show 1976-12-20 Jingle Bells/How Can I Be Sure/O Holy Night
Captain & Tennille Show 1976-12-12
Captain & Tennille Show 1976-12-4
Midnight Special 1976-12-3 Lonely Night (Angel Face)/Shop Around
Captain & Tennille Show 1976-11-27
Captain & Tennille Show 1976-11-20 I Just Want to Celebrate/Cuddle Up/You Talk Too Much/Shake Your Booty/Honey Come Love Me
Captain & Tennille Show 1976-11-13 Love Potion No. 9/All I Can Do/How Deep Is the Ocean
Captain & Tennille Show 1976-11-7
Captain & Tennille Show 1976-10-24 Still the One/Spring Is Here/Baby I'm-a Want You/Superstition/P.D.Q. Bach
American Bandstand 1976-1-17 Lonely Night (Angel Face)
Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1976-2-6 Mind Your Love
American Bandstand 25th Anniversary 1976-2-11
Dinah 1976-2-17
Midnight Special 1976-2-20 Natural Woman
Grammy Awards 1976-2-29
Dinah 1976-3-5
Midnight Special 1976-3-12 Lonely Night (Angel Face)/Shop Around
Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1976-3-27
Mac Davis Show 1976-4-1
John Davidson 1976-5-26 Shop Around
Rock Concert 1976-6-20
Bob Hope's Bicentennial Star Spangled Special 1976-7-4
Midnight Special 1976-6-25 Shop Around/Lonely Night (Angel Face)
Captain & Tennille Show 1976-10-17 Lost In the Stars/Your Mama Don't Dance/Jive Talkin'/Rio
Captain & Tennille Show 1976-10-10 Nothing From Nothing/Country Sunshine/1927 Kansas City
Captain & Tennille Show 1976-10-3 Gimme Some Lovin'Smile/How Sweet It Is
Captain & Tennille Show 1976-9-27 Honky Cat/You Don't Mess Around With Jim/Don't Go Breaking My Heart/Can't Help Lovin' That Man of Mine/Boogie Fever
Captain & Tennille Show 1976-9-20 Debuted on ABC
Popscope 1976-9-19 Shop Around
Rock Music Awards 1976-9-18
Popscope 1976-8-22 Lonely Night (Angel Face)
The Captain and Tennille Special 1976-8-17
Midnight Special 1976-7-23 Shop Around/The Wedding Song (There Is Love)
Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1975-2-6 Love Will Keep Us Together/Way I Want to Touch You/Mind Your Love
American Bandstand 1975-5-10 Love Will Keep Us Together
Tonight Show 1975-5-29
Midnight Special 1975-6-20 Love Will Keep Us Together/Cuddle Up
Joey (Heatherton) and Dad 1975-7-6
Merv Griffin Show 1975-7-7
Mike Douglas Show 1975-7-29
Jim Stafford Show 1975-7-30
Merv Griffin Show 1975-8-11
Dinah 1975-8-13
Jim Stafford Show 1975-8-27
Mohammed Ali Variety Special 1975-9-13 Love Will Keep Us Together
Tonight Show 1975-10-3
Rock Concert 1975-10-5
Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1975-11-1
Tonight Show 1975-11-3
Midnight Special 1975-11-14 Natural Woman/Love Will Keep Us Together
Perry Como's Christmas in Mexico 1975-12-15
Rock Concert 1975-12-20
Tonight Show 1975-12-25
Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1974-2-6 Love Will Keep Us Together