Cat Stevens TV Show Appearances

Cat Stevens guest appearances on television programs around the world. Following is a list of the shows with 61 results. You can sort by the name of the show and the date.
TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Behind the Music 2000-10-1
Midnight Special 1978-2-17 Old Schoolyard
Polizeiinspektion 1977-12-3
Polizeiinspektion 1977-11-19
Music Scene 1977-10-15
Popscope 1977-8-28 Old Schoolyard
Popscope 1977-7-31 Father and Son
Midnight Special 1977-7-29 Old Schoolyard (music video)
American Bandstand 1977-7-16
Disco 1976-4-24 Morning Has Broken/Banapple Gas
Midnight Special 1976-4-23 Tribute to Cat Stevens
Popscope 1976-4-4 Banapple Gas
Spotlight 1976-1-30
Popscope 1976-10-17 Father and Son
Flimra 1976-10-8
Midnight Special 1975-7-18 Tribute to Cat Stevens
Top of the Pops 1974-9-5 Another Saturday Night
Old Grey Whistle Test 1974-4-3
Top of the Pops 1974-9-13 Another Saturday Night
Top of the Pops 1974-9-27 Another Saturday Night
Young Music Show 1974-10-19
In Concert 1974 ABC 90 minutes from Hollywood Bowl
In Concert: Cat Stevens: Moon & Star 1973
Young Music Show 1973-12-22
In Concert 1973-11-9 Father and Son/Wild World/Morning Has Broken/18th Avenue/Moonshadow/King of Greens/A Bad Penny/The Boy with a Moon and Star on His Head/The Hurt )/Foreigner Suite
Top of the Pops 1973-1-11 Can't Keep It In
Top of the Pops 1973-1-4 Can't Keep It In
Top of the Pops 1972-12-21 Can't Keep It In
Pop Hot 1972-1-29
Get to Know 1972-8-28
Top of the Pops 1971-5-13 Tuesday's Dead
David Frost Show 1971-1-8
Singer Songwriters at the BBC 1971 Wild World/If I Laugh
Get to Know 1971-4-20
Bobquivan 1971-6-8
KCET Los Angeles 1971-6-8 30 minute concert
Top of the Pops 1971-7-29 Moonshadow
Get to Know 1971-8-5
Out Front 1971-9-7
Hart & Lorne Terrific Hour 1971-9-19
Top of the Pops 1971-9-23 Moonshadow
Top of the Pops 1971-9-31
Old Grey Whistle Test 1971-10-5 If I Laugh
Top of the Pops 1971-10-7 Moonshadow
Get to Know 1971-11-4
In Concert 1971-11-27
In Concert 1971
BBC In Concert 1971 Moonshadow/Tuesday's Dead/Wils World/How Can I Tell You/Maybe You're Right/I Love My dog/Bitter Blue/Changes IV/Into White/Father and Son
Top of the Pops 1970-6-4 Lady D'Arbanville
Top of the Pops 1970-12-31 Moonshadow
Eddy Ready Go 1970-12-23 Father and Son
Disco 2 GB 1970-11-7
Top of the Pops 1970-10-29 Father and Son
Pop Shop 1970-10-8
Beat Club 1970-9-5 Lady D'Arbanville/Hard Headed Woman
Top of the Pops 1970-7-30 Lady D'Arbanville
Eddy Ready Go 1970-7-18 Lady D'Arbanville
Top of the Pops 1970-7-9 Lady D'Arbanville
Pop Scotch 1970-6-6
Top of the Pops 1970-5-28 Lady D'Arbanville
Full Circle Moonshadow