Cat Stevens TV Show Appearances

Cat Stevens made 61 guest appearances on television programs around the world. You can sort the table by the name of the television show, the date it aired or by country.

TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Behind the Music 2000-10-1
Midnight Special 1978-2-17 Old Schoolyard
Polizeiinspektion 1977-12-3
Polizeiinspektion 1977-11-19
Music Scene 1977-10-15
Popscope 1977-8-28 Old Schoolyard
Popscope 1977-7-31 Father and Son
Midnight Special 1977-7-29 Old Schoolyard (music video)
American Bandstand 1977-7-16
Disco 1976-4-24 Morning Has Broken/Banapple Gas
Midnight Special 1976-4-23 Tribute to Cat Stevens
Popscope 1976-4-4 Banapple Gas
Spotlight 1976-1-30
Popscope 1976-10-17 Father and Son
Flimra 1976-10-8
Midnight Special 1975-7-18 Tribute to Cat Stevens
Top Of the Pops 1974-9-5 Another Saturday Night
Old Grey Whistle Test 1974-4-3
Top Of the Pops 1974-9-13 Another Saturday Night
Top Of the Pops 1974-9-27 Another Saturday Night
Young Music Show 1974-10-19
In Concert 1974 ABC 90 minutes from Hollywood Bowl
In Concert: Cat Stevens: Moon & Star 1973
Young Music Show 1973-12-22
In Concert 1973-11-9 Father and Son/Wild World/Morning Has Broken/18th Avenue/Moonshadow/King of Greens/A Bad Penny/The Boy with a Moon and Star on His Head/The Hurt )/Foreigner Suite
Top Of the Pops 1973-1-11 Can't Keep It In
Top Of the Pops 1973-1-4 Can't Keep It In
Top Of the Pops 1972-12-21 Can't Keep It In
Pop Hot 1972-1-29
Get to Know 1972-8-28
Top Of the Pops 1971-5-13 Tuesday's Dead
David Frost Show 1971-1-8
Singer Songwriters at the BBC 1971 Wild World/If I Laugh
Get to Know 1971-4-20
Bobquivan 1971-6-8
KCET Los Angeles 1971-6-8 30 minute concert
Top Of the Pops 1971-7-29 Moonshadow
Get to Know 1971-8-5
Out Front 1971-9-7
Hart & Lorne Terrific Hour 1971-9-19
Top Of the Pops 1971-9-23 Moonshadow
Top Of the Pops 1971-9-31
Old Grey Whistle Test 1971-10-5 If I Laugh
Top Of the Pops 1971-10-7 Moonshadow
Get to Know 1971-11-4
In Concert 1971-11-27
In Concert 1971
BBC In Concert 1971 Moonshadow/Tuesday's Dead/Wils World/How Can I Tell You/Maybe You're Right/I Love My dog/Bitter Blue/Changes IV/Into White/Father and Son
Top Of the Pops 1970-6-4 Lady D'Arbanville
Top Of the Pops 1970-12-31 Moonshadow
Eddy Ready Go 1970-12-23 Father and Son
Disco 2 GB 1970-11-7
Top Of the Pops 1970-10-29 Father and Son
Pop Shop 1970-10-8
Beat Club 1970-9-5 Lady D'Arbanville/Hard Headed Woman
Top Of the Pops 1970-7-30 Lady D'Arbanville
Eddy Ready Go 1970-7-18 Lady D'Arbanville
Top Of the Pops 1970-7-9 Lady D'Arbanville
Pop Scotch 1970-6-6
Top Of the Pops 1970-5-28 Lady D'Arbanville
Full Circle Moonshadow