CeCe Peniston Discography

There are 186 recordings for CeCe Peniston. Click the links for the worldwide releases by recording title then click the stock number for the detailed discography including tracks, credits, format and release information.

20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection

Before I Lay (You Drive Me Crazy)

Before I Lay (You Drive Me Crazy)/House Party/Movin’ On

Best Of

Crazy Love

Crazy Love (Masters At Work Remixes)



Finally ‘97

Finally Rerelease

Finally/We Got a Love Thang

Finally/We Got A Love Thang: Remix Collection

Finally/We Got a Love Thang/Crazy Love

Hit By Love

Hit By Love (Record 1)

Hit By Love (the Body)

Hit By Love (the Body)/I’m Not Over You (Record 2)

Hit By Love (the Body)/I’m Not Over You/I’m Not Over You

Hit By Love (the Body)/Keep Givin’ Me Your Love

I’m In the Mood

I’m In the Mood/Keep On Walkin’

I’m Movin’ On

I’m Not Over You

Inside That I Cried

Inside That I Cried/Finally, We Got a Love Thang, Keep On Walkin’

Inside That I Cried/It Should Have Been You/Hitmix 12"

Keep Givin’ Me Your Love

Keep On Walkin’

Keep On Walkin’/Finally/We Got a Love Thang

Movin’ On

Remix Collection

Somebody Else’s Guy

Somebody Else’s Guy/Finally

The Best Of

The Best of CeCe Peniston

The Essential CeCe Peinston

The Heart and Soul Of CeCe Peniston Four Selections From "Finally"

Thought Ya Knew

We Got a Love Thang

We Got a Love Thang/Finally