I’m Movin’ On - CeCe Peniston

Stock Number
731454 056229
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2010-4 -27
Recording Notes
Reissued 5/21/2019
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Movin' On 00:03:46
2 Looking For a Love That's Real 00:03:54
3 Sprung On You (Groove Me) 00:05:00
4 Try 00:04:55
5 Before I Lay (You Drive Me Crazy) 00:04:47
6 Somebody Else's Guy 00:05:37
7 If It Should Rain 00:03:48
8 House Party 00:04:11
9 The Last to Know 00:05:22
10 Interlude 1 00:01:03
11 I'm Over You 00:04:40
12 Don't Know What to Do 00:04:49
13 Interlude 2 00:01:03
14 Movin' On 00:04:23
Credit Sort descending Role
Adam Kagan engineer
Adam Kagan mix
Albert Willis arranger
Albert Willis engineer
Albert Willis producer
Anas Alaf guitar
Bob Brockman mix
Booker T. Jones mix
Bradley Spalter guitar
Bradley Spalter keyboards
Bradley Spalter producer
Bradley Spalter programming
Brion James guitar
CeCe Peniston background vocal
CeCe Peniston engineer
Craig Bauer mix
Curtis Williams flute
Curtis Williams sax
Damon Jones executive producer
Daniela Federici photography
Danny Sembello engineer
Danny Sembello guitar
Danny Sembello producer
Darren Clowers drum programming
Darren Clowers keyboards
Darren Clowers producer
Darryl Pearson producer
Darryl Pearson programming
Dave Hall producer
Dennis Mitchell remix
Derek Nakamoto string arrangement
Emanuel Officer background vocal
Emanuel Officer producer
Emanuel Officer vocal arrangement
Glenn McKinney guitar
Gordon Chambers vocal arrangement
Greg Ross art direction
Greg Ross design
Jeff Brown background vocal
Jim Wright keyboards
Joe Moskowitz engineer
John Pace mix
John Wydrycs engineer
JoJo Hailey background vocal
JoJo Hailey producer
Jorge Corante bass
Jorge Corante keyboards
Jorge Corante piano
Jorge Corante producer
Jorge Corante remix
Junior Vasquez mix
Junior Vasquez post production
Keith Andes keyboards
Larry Gittens trumpet
Leslie King bass
Louis Taylor sax
Manny Lehman executive producer
Marc Williams vocal
Neil Gustafson mix assistant
Oji Pierce engineer
Oji Pierce keyboards
Oji Pierce producer
Oji Pierce programming
Paul Elliott remix
Paul Logus engineer
Paul Logus mix
Perry Archer background vocal
Renee Ochoa project coordination
Rob Chiarelli mix
Romany Malco drum programming
Romany Malco producer
Ryan Arnold engineer
Ryan Arnold mix assistant
Scott Ahous engineer
Scott Ahous mix
Stephanie Gylden mix assistant
Stephen Marcussen mastering
Steve Hurley arranger
Steve Hurley engineer
Steve Hurley producer
Storm background vocal
Storm producer
Sue Ann Carwell background vocal
Vachik Aghaniantz engineer
Vachik Aghaniantz mix
Victor McCoy assistant engineer

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