Dickies Discography

There are 47 releases for Dickies. Click below for detailed information.

Banana Splits

Banana Splits (the Tra La La Song)/Hideous/Got It At the Store

Banana Splits/Hideous/Got It At the Store

Banana Splits/The Sounds Of Silence

Fan Mail/Tricia Toyota (I’m Stuck In a Pagoda with)


Gigantor/Bowling With Bedrock Barney

Give It Back/You Drive Me Ape

Great Dictations

Manny, Moe and Jack/She Loves Me Not

Nights In White Satin/Infidel Zombie

Nights In White Satin/Manny, Moe & Jack

Nights In White Satin/Waterslide

Paranoid/Hideous/You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)

Paranoid/I’m OK, You’re OK

Silent Night/Sounds Of Silence

The Dawn Of the Dickies

The Eve Of Destruction/Doggie Doo

The Incredible Shrinking Dickies

The Punk Singles Collection