"When I first saw them it was at the Whisky. This was about April of '78, and I was just amazed. For the first time, I'd seen a band in L.A. with intimations of the London scene. There were a lot of other bands playing around town then that had some links to it, but they seemed determined to keep one foot in each camp."--Derek Green, Record World July 14, 1979.

Although an American band, The Dickies were signed to A&M Records Ltd. in England in June 1978 and broke there first thanks to teen and pre-teen interest in three concert tours and at retail with a series of singles that helped identify an audience for an album. A&M focused on packaging the records with colored vinyl and playing up the logo and cover art. The U.K. media did not like the band and radio was equally negative.

The Dickies: Dawn Of the Dickies

Recording Years / Label
1978-1979 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Billy Club bass
Karlos Kaballero drums
Leonard Graves Phillips vocals
Robert Davis (Chuck Wagon) keyboards
Stan Lee guitars
Name Birth Death
Billy Club
Karlos Kaballero 2009-09-22
Leonard Graves Phillips
Robert Davis (Chuck Wagon) 1956-08-11 1981-06-28
Stan Lee 1956-09-24
Name See associated acts
Robert Davis (Chuck Wagon) Chuck Wagon

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