Dodgy Discography

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Ace A's + Killer B's

Best Of

Every Single Day

Found You

Found You/I Can't Make It/Revolution

Free Peace Sweet

Good Enough

Good Enough/Lovebirds On Katovit

Good Enough/Nutters

Good Enough/Speaking In Tongues

Good Enough/Speaking In Tongues/Lovebirds On Katovit

Greatest Hits


Homegrown E.P.

Homegrown--the Singles Collection

I Need Another

I Need Another/If I Fall/Hendre-Ddu

I Need Another/If I Fall/Hendre-Ddu/Never Again/Never Again

I Need Another/Never Again/If I Fall/Hendre-DdU

If You're Thinking Of Me

If You're Thinking Of Me/In a Room

If You're Thinking Of Me/Pebblemilljam/Forever Remain/Good Enough

In a Room

In a Room/Outclubbing

Jungle UK No Rest In Peace

Limited Singles Promo


Lovebirds/Big Brown Moon

Lovebirds/Big Brown Moon/Sylvia's Bedroom/Smashed Up In a Flat

Making the Most Of

Making the Most Of/Faisons Au Mieux

Melod-E.P.: Melodies Haunt You

Melodies Haunt You

Melodies Haunt You/The Snake

So Let Me Go Far

So Let Me Go Far/Don't Get Low, Don't Get Low (U.K. R.I.P.)

So Let Me Go Far/Don't Get Low, Don't Get Low (U.K. R.I.P.)/So Let Me Wobble Jay/The Elephant

Staying Out For the Summer

Staying Out For the Summer/Get Off Your High Horse/Watch Out Whatcha Doin'

Staying Out For the Summer/Lovebirds

Staying Out For the Summer/Satisfied

The Collection

The Dodgy Album

The Singles Collection

This Is Ours

Water Under the Bridge

Water Under the Bridge/It's Been So Long

Water Under the Bridge/Valuable Fool