The Dodgy Album - Dodgy

Stock Number
POCM 1032
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1993-6 -24
Recording Notes
3 bonus tracks. Reissued 6/24/1995
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Water Under the Bridge 00:03:44
2 I Need Another 00:03:49
3 Lovebirds 00:03:56
4 Satisfied 00:06:06
5 Grand Old English Oak Tree 00:04:43
6 Stand by Yourself 00:03:48
7 As My Time Goes By 00:04:42
8 Never Again 00:04:10
9 Cold Tea 00:04:59
10 We're Not Going to Take This Anymore 00:04:03
11 She Wants My Loving 00:04:27
12 Valuable Fool 00:03:44
13 It's Been So Long 00:03:29
Credit Sort descending Role
Andy Miller background vocal
Andy Miller guitar
Cenzo Townshend engineer
Ian Broudie producer
Julian Germain photography
Matthew Priest background vocal
Matthew Priest drums
Matthew Priest percussion
Nigel Clark bass
Nigel Clark vocal
Simon Fowler photography
Simon Rogers organ
Skinny McFarlane assistant engineer
Tim Young mastering
Why Not Associates graphics
Yorkie the O. graphics

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