Elkie Brooks Discography

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Be Positive/Just An Excuse

Compact Hits

Dance Away/Play the Way I Feel

Do Right Woman Do Right Man/Love Potion No. 9

Don’t Cry Out Loud/Got to Be a Winner

Driftin’/Any Time

Elkie Brooks

Elkie Brooks Special Demo

Falling Star/Dream Dealer

Fool If You Think It’s Over

Fool If You Think It’s Over/Givin’ It Up For Your Love

Gasoline Alley/Loving Arms

He Could Have Been An Army/Not Enough Lovin’ Left

He’s a Rebel/Tomorrow

He’s a Rebel/Try a Little Love

Honey, Can I Put On Your Clothes/Love Potion No. 9

I Just Can’t Go On/Forbidden Territory

Lilac Wine/Live, Laugh and Love

Live and Learn

Millennium Edition


Minutes/Just One More Day

Nightbird/Sunshine After the Rain

Nights In White Satin/Lilac Wine

Nights In White Satin/Thank You For the Light

Only Love Can Break Your Heart/Just An Excuse

Our Love/Nothing In This World

Paint Your Pretty Picture/Pull On the Rope

Pearl’s a Singer

Pearl’s a Singer/Sunshine After the Rain

Pearl’s a Singer/You Did Something For Me


Pearls & Pearls II

Pearls II

Pearls/Pearls II

Pearls/Two Days Away

Rich Man’s Woman

Rich Man’s Woman & Two Days Away


Screen Gems

Shooting Star

Shooting Star & Two Days Away

Since You Went Away

Since You Went Away/Too Precious

Stay With Me/Just An Excuse

Sunshine After the Rain/Spirituality

Sunshine After the Rain/You Did Something For Me

The Best Of Elkie Brooks

The Collection

The Runaway

The Runaway/One Step On the Ladder

The Very Best Of Elkie Brooks

Two Days Away

Two Days Away/Live and Learn

Warm and Tender Love/Thank You For the Light

Where Do We Go From Here/Roll Me Over

Why Don’t You Say It/We Have All Our Dreams

Will You Write Me a Song/Giving You Hope