Two Days Away - Elkie Brooks

Stock Number
SP 4631
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1977
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Love Potion #9 00:03:42
2 Spiritland 00:03:19
3 Honey Can I Put Your Clothes On 00:03:22
4 Sunshine After the Rain 00:03:23
5 Pearl's a Singer 00:03:39
6 Mojo Hannah 00:03:00
7 Do Right Woman, Do Right Man 00:03:28
8 You Did Something For Me 00:02:50
9 Night Bird 00:03:06
10 Saved 00:02:40
Credit Sort descending Role
Andy Abrams assistant engineer
Barbara Ingram vocal
Barry Rogers trombone
Bob Ludwig mastering
Bob Millikan flugelhorn
Bob Millikan trumpet
Carl Hall tambourine
Carl Hall vocal
Carla Benson vocal
Carmine Rubino engineer
Carmine Rubino mix
Carol Webb violin
Charlie Rose trombone
Corky Hale harp
Danny Kahn flugelhorn
Danny Kahn trumpet
Dave Taylor bass trombone
Elliot Rosoff violin
Eric Weissberg steel guitar
Evette Benton vocal
Fabio Nicoli design
Frankie D’Augusta assistant engineer
George Chandler vocal
George Devens bass drum
George Devens cymbals
George Devens tambourine
George Devens vibraphone
George Young flute
George Young tenor sax
Guy Lumia violin
Harrison Calloway horn arrangement
Harrison Calloway trumpet
Harvey Thompson tenor sax
Isaac Guillory guitar
Jay Krugman assistant engineer
Jean Roussel keyboards
Jerry Friedman guitar
Jerry Leiber producer
Jesse Levy cello
Jimmy Chambers vocal
Joe Goodman violin
Jose Villela coordination
Julien Barber viola
Lee Vanderblet vocal
Lew Del Gatto baritone sax
Lew Del Gatto flute
Mary Ellen Johnson vocal
Meco Monardo string and horn arrangement
Mike Stoller piano
Mike Stoller producer
Morris Pert shaker
Muscle Shoals Horns horns
New York Horns horns
Peggy Blue tambourine
Peggy Blue vocal
Pete Gage guitar
Rick Sortomme violin
Ronnie Eades baritone sax
Ross Cullum assistant engineer
Steve Nye engineer
Steve York bass
Tony Posk violin
Trevor Morais drums

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