Crazy Rhythms - Feelies

Stock Number
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2007-8 -21
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 The Boy With the Perpetual Nervousness 00:05:09
2 Fa Cé-La 00:02:04
3 Loveless Love 00:05:14
4 Forces At Work 00:07:09
5 Original Love 00:02:55
6 Everybody's Got Something to Hide (Except Me and My Monkey) 00:04:17
7 Moscow Nights 00:04:33
8 Raised Eyebrows 00:02:59
9 Crazy Rhythms 00:06:13
10 Paint It Black 00:02:53
Personnel Sort descending Role
Anton percussion
Anton drums
Ben Sternecker engineer
Bill Million producer
Bill Million design
Bill Million percussion
Bill Million background vocal
Bill Million vocal
Bill Million guitar
Brenda Sauter bass
Brenda Sauter background vocal
Brooke Delarco engineer
Dave Weckerman percussion
Don Sternecker engineer
Glenn Mercer design
Glenn Mercer producer
Glenn Mercer percussion
Glenn Mercer vocal
Glenn Mercer guitar
Jim Bonnefond engineer
Julian Robertson assistant engineer
Keith Clayton bass
Keith Clayton percussion
Keith Clayton vocal
Lynne Pickering photography
Mark Abel producer
Stanley Demeski drums
Tom Lazarus engineer