"The person who discovered The Tubes was me. I took them to A&M Records, who signed them, and I was very fond of them." --Rick Wakeman

"We never made any money on records at all. And live, we spent all the money on these massive productions. We'd go out with 35 people and all these dancers and bombs and props and backdrops and sets. Every tour, we had to top the previous one, be bigger and wackier and weirder. We'd go out and make $10 million on tour and spend 12. We'd come home in the red. The Tubes never made any money."--Fee Waybill

Signed with A&M Records in October 1974.

Now was printed in four different color versions.

Tubes Official Biography


The Tubes New Music On A&M Records
Young and Rich New Music On A&M Records
Now New Music On A&M Records
What Do You Want From Live New Music On A&M Records
20th Century Masters press release


Music: Fee Waybill Squeezes More Life Out of Tubes. Paul Freeman. San Jose Mercury News, May 14, 2009.

Legend Rick Still Refusing to 'Turn That Racket Down.' Tim FletcherBurton (Staffordshire, England) Mail, September 9, 2011. 


Recording Years / Label
1975-1996 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Bill Spooner 1977-1981 guitar, vocals
Fee Waybill 1977-1981 vocals
Mike Cotten 1977-1981 synthesizers
Mingo Lewis 1977 percussion
Prarie Prince 1977-1981 drums
Re Stiles 1977 vocal
Rick Anderson 1977-1981 bass
Roger Steen 1977-1981 guitar, vocals
Vince Welnick 1977-1981 keyboards
Name Birth Death
Bill Spooner 1949-08-16
Fee Waybill 1950-09-17
Mike Cotten 1950-01-25
Mingo Lewis
Prarie Prince 1950-05-07
Re Stiles 1950-03-03
Rick Anderson 1947-08-01
Roger Steen 1949-11-13
Vince Welnick 1951-02-21 2006-06-02

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