"The person who discovered The Tubes was me. I took them to A&M Records, who signed them, and I was very fond of them." --Rick Wakeman


Signed with A&M Records in October 1974.

Now was printed in four different color versions.

Tubes Official Biography


The Tubes New Music On A&M Records
Young and Rich New Music On A&M Records
Now New Music On A&M Records
What Do You Want From Live New Music On A&M Records
20th Century Masters press release


Legend Rick Still Refusing to 'Turn That Racket Down.' Tim FletcherBurton (Staffordshire, England) Mail, September 9, 2011. 

Recording Years / Label
1975-1996 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Bill Spooner 1977-1981 guitar, vocals
Fee Waybill 1977-1981 vocals
Mike Cotten 1977-1981 synthesizers
Mingo Lewis 1977 percussion
Prarie Prince 1977-1981 drums
Re Stiles 1977 vocal
Rick Anderson 1977-1981 bass
Roger Steen 1977-1981 guitar, vocals
Vince Welnick 1977-1981 keyboards
Name Birth Death
Bill Spooner 1949-08-16
Fee Waybill 1950-09-17
Mike Cotten 1950-01-25
Mingo Lewis
Prarie Prince 1950-05-07
Re Stiles 1950-03-03
Rick Anderson 1947-08-01
Roger Steen 1949-11-13
Vince Welnick 1951-02-21 2006-06-02