Flying Burrito Brothers

"It's not the chart position or sales that count. It's the influence and legacy."


Signed to A&M Records in 1969. Disbanded in 1972.

A&M Records held a listening party for the release of The Gilded Palace of Sin. The invitations contained packets of hay. The U.S. Postal Service tested the hay for drugs. No drugs were found but the story made the news, creating more promotion for the band and the album. Gilded Palace sold about 40,000 copies between February and August 1969. The album cover is considered iconic as the band wore hand-embroidered Nudie Cohn suits. 

In Toronto, Canada the Burrito Deluxe album was supported by two concert dates and radio ads plugging them.

Flying Burrito Brothers, the band's third album, was ranked #192 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.


Flying Burrito Brothers Nudie Suits photo by Jim McCrary

Flying Burrito Brothers Nudie Suits photo by Jim McCrary


The Burrito Brothers used a portion of their signing money from A&M Records to buy their Nudie suits. Nudie Cohn began as a tailor making custom suits. He was the first to put rhinestones on clothing. Known as The Rhinestone Cowboy, he made custom embroidered and rhinestone studded apparel that reflected each buyer's interest. The Burritos' suits were edgy, blending the western motifs Nudie was famous for with the 1960's pop culture. Nudie found himself with a clientele that ranged from John Wayne to Elvis Presley to Elton John. Of the Burritos suits, the one most often talked about was Gram Parsons because it incorporated marijuana leaves into its design.

Flying Burrito Brothers Nudie Suits to Country Music Hall of Fame

Flying Burrito Brothers Nudie Suits to Country Music Hall of Fame



Sleepless Nights New Music On A&M Records
20th Century Masters press release

Official biographies:

Hot Burritos: the True Story of the Flying Burrito Brothers. John Einarson, Chris Hillman.

Time Between: My Life As a Byrd, Burrito Brother and Beyond. Chris Hillman.

Recording Years / Label
1969-1973 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Chris Hillman 1969-1972 guitar, mandolin, vocals
Gram Parsons 1969-1970 guitar, keyboards, vocals
Chris Ethridge 1969 bass, piano, vocals
Pete Kleinow 1969-1971 steel guitar
Michael Clarke drums
Byron Berline 1971-1973 fiddle
Roger Bush
Bernie Leadon 1969-1971 bass, piano, vocals
Al Perkins 1971 steel guitar
Rick Roberts 1970-1972 guitars, vocals
Kenny Wertz 1971 guitar, vocals
Name Birth Death
Chris Hillman 1944-12-04
Gram Parsons 1946-05-04 1973-09-19
Chris Ethridge 1947-02-10 2012-04-23
Pete Kleinow 1934-08-20 2007-01-06
Michael Clarke 1944-06-03 1993-12-19
Byron Berline 1944-07-06 2021-07-10
Roger Bush
Bernie Leadon 1947-07-19
Al Perkins 1944-08-01
Rick Roberts 1949-08-31
Kenny Wertz
Name See associated acts
Chris Hillman Ever Call Ready
Gram Parsons Gram Parsons
Pete Kleinow Sir Raleigh and the Cupons
Bernie Leadon Ever Call Ready
Al Perkins Ever Call Ready
Rick Roberts Rick Roberts

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