The Move were managed by Denny Cordell, Tom Visconti and Tony Secunda's Straight Ahead Productions in England. Cordell made a licensing agreement with Jerry Moss of A&M Records that gave all of his artists record distribution in the U.S. The Move were one of the first British artists signed by A&M Records. The label pressed 100,000 copies of "Flowers In the Rain" in advance of its release in the U.S.

In Australia, "Flowers in the Rain" peaked at #11 in 1967. In 1969, their single "Blackberry Way" peaked at #14.

  1. Go-Set Charts
Recording Years / Label
1967-1970 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Bev Bevan 1967-1970 drums, vocals
Carl Wayne 1967-1970 bass, vocals
Christopher John (Ace) Kefford 1967-1968 bass, guitar, vocals
Jeff Lynne 1969-1970 guitar, piano, vocals
Rick Price 1969-1970 bass, vocals
Roy Wood 1967-1970 guitar, vocals
Trevor Burton 1967-1969 bass, guitar, vocals
Name Birth Death
Bev Bevan 1944-11-24
Carl Wayne 1944-08-18 2004-09-01
Christopher John (Ace) Kefford 1946-12-10
Jeff Lynne 1947-12-30
Rick Price 1944-06-10 2022-05-17
Roy Wood 1946-11-08
Trevor Burton 1944-03-09
Name See associated acts
Jeff Lynne Idle RaceJeff Lynne

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