The Move were one of the first British artists signed by A&M Records. The label pressed 100,000 copies of "Flowers In the Rain" in advance of its release in the U.S.

In Australia, "Flowers in the Rain" peaked at #11 in 1967. In 1969, their single "Blackberry Way" peaked at #14.

  1. Go-Set Charts
Recording Years / Label
1967-1970 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Bev Bevan drums, vocals
Carl Wayne bass, vocals
Christopher John (Ace) Kefford bass, guitar, vocals
Jeff Lynne guitar, piano, vocals
Rick Price bass, vocals
Roy Wood guitar, vocals
Trevor Burton bass, guitar, vocals
Name Birth Death
Bev Bevan 1944-11-24
Carl Wayne 1944-08-18 2004-09-01
Christopher John (Ace) Kefford 1946-12-10
Jeff Lynne 1947-12-30
Rick Price 1944-06-10 2022-05-17
Roy Wood 1946-11-08
Trevor Burton 1944-03-09
Name See associated acts
Jeff Lynne Idle RaceJeff Lynne

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