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20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection

A Pauper In Paradise

A Song and Dance/Black and Blue

A&M Digitally Remastered Best

Brother to Brother

Brother to Brother Radio Special

Classics Collection Vol. 3

Classics Collection Vol. 7

Crazy Life

Crazy Life/There's No Time

Feel the Fire (Valleys Of Valhalla)/Black and Blue

Feel the Fire/Black and Blue

Felicia/Jo Jo

Fly Into This Night/Ugly Man


Gold Series

Greatest Hits and More

Hollywood Holiday/Granny Goodbye

I Just Wanna Stop

I Just Wanna Stop/Las Cosa

I Just Wanna Stop/The Surest Things Can Change

I Just Wanna Stop/Wheels Of Life

Jack Miraculous/Mama Coco

Keep On Walking/Love Is a Night?

Love Me Now/Father and Son

Love Me Now/Love Is a Night?

Love Of My Life/Omens Of Love

Mama Coco/Gettin' High

Omens Of Love/Love Of My Life

One Night With You

One Night With You/Black and Blue

People Gotta Move

People Gotta Move/Jack Miraculous

People Gotta Move/Jo Jo

People Gotta Move/Powerful People

People Gotta Move/Son Of a New York Gun

Powerful People

Powerful People/Brother to Brother

Powerful People/Lady

Sonido Vannelli

Storm At Sunup

Summers Of My Life/Omens Of Love

The Best Of

The Best Of Gino Vannelli

The Gist Of Gemini

The River Must Flow

The River Must Flow/Mardi Gras

The River Must Flow/The Evil Eye

Ultimate Collection

Wheels Of Life/Crazy Life

Wheels Of Life/I Just Wanna Stop