On December 1, 1962, Billboard gave their first single "Little White Lies moderate sales potential. On December 8, 1962, it became a Billboard breakout single in San Francisco. On December 29, it peaked #118 on Billboard's Bubbling Under the Hot 100. On January 5, 1963 it was a breakout in Los Angeles.

On April 27, 1963, their second single "Such a Goodnight for Dreaming" was a Billboard spotlight song in Hartford, CT.

The second single "Such a Good Night for Dreaming" was a spotlight song in Hartford, Connecticut in April 1963.

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Recording Years / Label
1962-1963 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Larry New 1962-1963 vocal
Ken Mowery 1962-1963 vocal
Joe Campbell 1962-1963 vocal
Name Birth Death
Larry New
Ken Mowery
Joe Campbell