The songs for the Kenjolairs first single "Little White Lies" and "The Story Of An Evergreen Tree" were recorded at Conway Recorders on October 29, 1962. Also recorded in the session was the first Tijuana Brass single "The Lonely Bull" and "Acapulco 1922." The musicians were:

        Herb Alpert
        Ervan Coleman
        Lew McCreary
        Earl Palmer
        William Pitman
        M. R. Pohlman
        Julius Wechter
        David Wells
        Ira Westley

On December 1, 1962, Billboard gave "Little White Lies" moderate sales potential. On December 8, 1962, it became a Billboard breakout single in San Francisco. Billboard put the single on its Bubbling Under the Hop 100 list:

    December 29, 1962 at #118
    January 5, 1963 at #116 and it was a breakout record in Los Angeles.
    January 26, 1963 at #126

On April 27, 1963, their second single "Such a Goodnight for Dreaming" was a Billboard spotlight song in Hartford, CT.

The second single "Such a Good Night for Dreaming" was a spotlight song in Hartford, Connecticut in April 1963.

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Recording Years / Label
1962-1963 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Larry New 1962-1963 vocal
Ken Mowery 1962-1963 vocal
Joe Campbell 1962-1963 vocal
Name Birth Death
Larry New
Ken Mowery
Joe Campbell

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