Private Domain

"I was exhilarated. After seven years of trying, we had finally gotten a break [being signed by Gold Mountain Ltd. in 1984]. We went into the studio and recorded the album, and when a release date was set for the following August, we made sure the whole town knew about it."

"After all, we were the first San Diego band in years to sign with a big label. And we were all very, very proud."

"But then [Gold Mountain's distributor] A&M began tightening its belt and since we were a new band, we were squeezed out. We felt like fools--here we had told everyone about our record, and now that record wouldn't be coming out."--Paul Shaffer


Step By Step For Private Domain. Thomas Arnold. Los Angeles Times, May 27, 1987.

Recording Years / Label
1984 -  Gold Mountain Ltd.
Name Member Years Instruments
Gregg LaRocco 1984 drums
Jack Butler 1984 guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals
Jim Reeves 1984 bass
Paul Shaffer (Private Domain) 1984 vocals, guitar
Name Birth Death
Gregg LaRocco
Jack Butler
Jim Reeves
Paul Shaffer (Private Domain)

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