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"Joe Jackson would change all the time into different configurations. On his first album, he registered as a punk rocker; the next time around, he'd be working with girl violinists. On 'Night and Day', he really stretched out, and wrote great songs. The main hit, 'Steppin' Out,' was just beautiful. Some of his punk outings met with moderate sales, but he was well known as such a great musician, so when he came up with something you could put your arms around like 'Steppin' Out,' everyone jumped."--Jerry Moss



Joe Jackson signed with A&M Records in August 1978. The Look Sharp album had been brought to A&M producer David Kershenbaum in July. The album was re-recorded for A&M. It was released in Britain in January 1979.

Joe Jackson's album Look Sharp! was recorded in two weeks. The 10-inch double album was a limited edition with a first printing of 15,000 copies. Additional copies were printed because sales exceeded 20,000 copies.

Joe Jackson El Mocambo Toronto May 21, 1979

Joe Jackson backstage at the El Mocambo in Toronto on May 21, 1979 after an SRO performance. He is with Greg Torrington (Q 107 FM), Jim Monaco (A&M national publicity) and Pat Ryan (A&M Ontario promotion). Photo courtesy of Mathew Wiley.



In Britain I'm the Man was released as five 10-inch discs in sleeves that formed a poster with a retail price of $9.98.




Joe Jackson: Jumpin' Jive

Radio promotion for Jumpin' Jive. The gimmick was that Marko Babineau would not come out of his office until all of his stations added it. 
Front: Barry Korkin, Jordan Harris, Jeff Ayeroff, Martin Kirkup, Marko Babineau, David Kershenbaum, Larry Hayes, Johnny Powell 
Back: Rob Gold, Alan Oken, unknown, Larry Green, Charlie Minor, Michael Plen, unknown, Jason McClusky, Bob Reitman, Gil Friesen.



Joe Jackson's Night and Day Tour lasted 11 months.

Joe Jackson's 1981 concert at the Florentine Gardens in Los Angeles was filmed and was aired on cable television.



Joe Jackson's Night and Day Tour lasted 11 months.

Joe Jackson's 1981 concert at the Florentine Gardens in Los Angeles was filmed and was aired on cable television.



Joe Jackson recorded his Body and Soul album in nine days.



The recording of Joe Jackson's album Big World at the Roundabout Theatre in New York City was a rare chance to see a recording being made. If there was a problem with a track, the performance was stopped and the band played the song again.

Joe Jackson's album Big World was the first--and one of the few--pop albums recorded direct-to-two-track metal mastering. Until then the technique was the norm for classical and jazz recordings. Joe required that his album Big World be mixed live and that there be no remixing to ensure it was as close to a live recording on disc as possible. 

Joe Jackson's album Big World is the only A&M album to have liner notes written in six languages.

Big World was one of the first rock albums recorded direct to two-track digital during five performances before an audience. "I don't think that music should be a showplace for the technology--I think it should be the other way around. I'm not an artist who's trying to sell the way I look, the way I dance--I mean, I don't do videos. I feel that music is so much now just a part of the package--a look, a style, a statement that's being made about attitude. But with me, the music is 100% of what I do, and this is the most honest way to get that across....I'm not against that technology being available because I think that everything's there to be used as a tool. But, it's been used to a large part to cover up a lack of talent." Jackson told Billboard.

Big World is A&M's only three-sided album.



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