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Affiliated with A&M Records from 1983 until 1986, Gold Mountain is the translation of the name of its founder Danny Goldberg. The label released 23 albums, 24 7-inch singles and 12 12-inch singles as an A&M affiliate. Goldberg also created Gold Mountain Management to provide artist services. None of the Goldberg companies are related to Golden Mountain Publishing.

The Gold Mountain Ltd. logo was first used commercially on September 19, 1983. Its trademark history was filed on June 15, 1984, with registration on April 23, 1985 and cancellation on October 9, 1991.

Goldberg continued his career as a record label executive with Atlantic, Mercury (Universal) and Warner Brothers.



Back row: Billy Gilbert, Bennett Kaurmann (Gold Mountain Ltd.), JB Brenner, Danny Goldberg (Gold Mountain, Ltd.), Alan Oken.  
Front row: Bob Garcia 


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