Sam Brown Discography

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April Moon

As One

As One/Think About Your Troubles

As One/Tune With No Name/Think About Your Troubles/Smile

Can I Get a Witness

Can I Get a Witness/Art Of Persuasion/Kids/Walking After Midnight

Can I Get a Witness/Walking After Midnight

Can I Get a Witness/Walking After Midnight/Kids

Can I Get a Witness/Walking After Midnight/Kids/Art Of Persuasion

Kissing Gate

Kissing Gate/Is It Mustard or Mango?


Mindworks/No Man Is An Island

Once In Your Life

Once In Your Life/So Far So Good


Stop/Blue Soldier

Stop/Blue Soldier/Bones

Stop/Blue Soldier/Poor Frank/Bones

Stop/Can I Get a Witness

Stop/Poor Frank/Blue Soldier/Bones

Stop/Walking Back to Me

This Feeling

This Feeling/Soldiers

This Feeling/Stop

This Feeling/Window People/Soldiers/Pitiful World

Walking Back to Me

Walking Back to Me/Living In Your Own World/Tender Hearts/Leave It Be

Walking Back to Me/Tender Hearts

With a Little Love

With a Little Love/Long Way Down/Window People/Dolly Mixture

With a Little Love/Window People