Sam Brown Discography

There are 129 recordings for Sam Brown. Click the links for the worldwide releases by recording title then click the stock number for the detailed discography including tracks, credits, format and release information.


April Moon

As One

As One/Think About Your Troubles

As One/Tune With No Name/Think About Your Troubles/Smile

Can I Get a Witness

Can I Get a Witness?/Walking After Midnight

Can I Get a Witness/Art Of Persuasion/Kids/Walking After Midnight

Can I Get a Witness/Walking After Midnight

Can I Get a Witness/Walking After Midnight/Kids

Can I Get a Witness/Walking After Midnight/Kids/Art Of Persuasion

Kissing Gate

Kissing Gate/Is It Mustard or Mango?


Mindworks/No Man Is An Island

Once In Your Life

Once In Your Life/So Far So Good


Stop/Blue Soldier

Stop/Blue Soldier/Bones

Stop/Blue Soldier/Poor Frank/Bones

Stop/Can I Get a Witness

Stop/Poor Frank/Blue Soldier/Bones

Stop/Walking Back to Me

This Feeling

This Feeling/Soldiers

This Feeling/Stop

This Feeling/Window People/Soldiers/Pitiful World

Walking Back to Me

Walking Back to Me/Living In Your Own World/Tender Hearts/Leave It Be

Walking Back to Me/Tender Hearts

With a Little Love

With a Little Love/Long Way Down/Window People/Dolly Mixture

With a Little Love/Window People