Breakdown/Groove Me/One Mistake - Seduction

Stock Number
75021 7040
Vendetta Records
United States
Released: 1990-8 -24
Recording Notes
Picture sleeve. Reissue of VE 7041, 4 versions. Shep’s club mix, LP, Shep’s avant garde mix, The Heart dub, the hands dub
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Breakdown (Cole/Clivilles Club/Dub Mix) 00:09:22
2 Groove Me (Club Mix) 00:10:32
3 Groove Me (Dub Mix) 00:08:32
4 One Mistake (Master Mix) 00:05:35
Credit Sort descending Role
Acar Key engineer
Alan Friedman programming
Bob Rosa mix
David Cole producer
David Cole remix
Herb Powers, Jr. mastering
Larry Yasgar executive producer
Ricky Crespo edit
Robert Clivilles edit
Robert Clivilles producer
Robert Clivilles remix

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