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Herb Alpert Presents Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66

Herb Alpert Presents Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66/Equinox

Herb Alpert Presents Sergio Mendes & Brasil ‘66

Herb Alpert Presents Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66

Introducing Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66

La Rana/Batucada/Tristeza/Para Decier Adios

La Rana/Tristeza/Batucada/Para Decir Adios

Laia Ladaia/Casa Forte

Laia Ladaia/Upa, Neguinho


Live At Expo '70

Live at Expo '70

Lo Mejor de Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66

Look Around

Look Around/Constant Rain/Going Out Of My Head/Daytripper

Look Around/With a Little Help From My Friends

Look Around/With a Little Help From My Friends/The Look Of Love

Mas Que Nada

Mas Que Nada/Agua de Beber

Mas Que Nada/Constant Rain

Mas Que Nada/Daytripper

Mas Que Nada/Fool On the Hill

Mas Que Nada/For Me/Constant Rain/The Joker

Mas Que Nada/O Pato/Berimbau/Tim Dom Dom

Mas Que Nada/Periendo la Razon/Agua de Beber/Un Pato

Mas Que Nada/The Frog

Mas Que Nada/The Joker

Mas Que Nada/The Joker/The Look Of Love/The Frog

Mas Que Nada/The Look Of Love/Fool On the Hill

Mas Que Nada/Tim Dom Dom/Agua de Beber/O Pato

Masquerade/Norwegian Wood

Masquerade/Ye-Me-Le/What the World Needs Now/Where Are You Coming From

Max 20

Moanin'/Easy to Be Hard/Wichita Lineman/Norwegian Wood

Moanin'/Wichita Lineman

Night and Day

Night and Day/Chove Chuva/For Me/Gente

Night and Day/Cinnamon and Clove

Night and Day/So Danco Samba/People/Tim Dom Dom

Norwegian Wood/Masquerade

Pretty World/Berimbau/

Pretty World/Festa

Pretty World/Lapinha

Pretty World/So Many Stars/Festa/Fool On the Hill

Pretty World/Upa, Neguinho

Righteous Life/Lost In Paradise


Roda/Tristeza/The Frog/Watch What Happens

Sa Marina/Berimbau/Scarborough Fair/With a Little Help From My Friends

Sa Marina/Festa

Sa Marina/Lapinha

Scarborough Fair-Canticle/Canto Triste

Scarborough Fair-Canticle/Cinnamon and Clove/Watch What Happens/Bim Bom

Scarborough Fair-Canticle/For Me

Scarborough Fair-Canticle/Upa, Neguinho

ScarboroughFair-Canticle/Upa Neguinho/Lapinha/Laia Ladaia

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66

Sergio Mendes Songs Selected by Shinichi Osawa

Solo Exitos!

Special Album

Stars In Gold


Super Max 20

The Best

The Christmas Song/O Pato

The Crab/After Sunrise

The Frog/Night and Day/Mas Que Nada/So Danco Samba

The Frog/Watch What Happens

The Look Of Love

The Look Of Love/Batucada

The Look Of Love/Like a Lover

The Look Of Love/Night and Day

The Look Of Love/Night and Day/For Me/Gente

The Look Of Love/Pra Dizer Adeus/The Frog/Tristeza

The Very Best of

The Very Best Of

Tristeza/El Payaso/Mascarada/Con la Ayeda de Mis Amigos

Twenty Easy Listening Classics

Viramundo/Chelsea Morning

Viramundo/For What It's Worth