Suzanne Vega Discography

There are 482 recordings for Suzanne Vega. Click the links for the worldwide releases by recording title then click the stock number for the detailed discography including tracks, credits, format and release information.


99.9F Collector’s Single

99.9F/Tired Of Sleeping/Straight Lines/Tom’s Diner

99.9F/Tom’s Diner

Acoustic Ensemble Live Sessions At West 54th


Birth-Day (Love Made Real)

Birth-Day (Love Made Real)/Caramel/Small Blue Thing/Blood Makes Noise

Birth-Day (Love Made Real)/Women On a Tier

Blood Makes Noise

Blood Makes Noise/Bad Wisdom

Blood Makes Noise/Bad Wisdom/Men Will Be Men

Blood Makes Noise/Men Will Be Men

Blood Makes Noise/Neighborhood Girls

Book and a Cover

Book Of Dreams

Book Of Dreams/Big Space

Book Of Dreams/Big Space/Marlene On the Wall/Ironbound

Book Of Dreams/Marlene On the Wall

Book Of Dreams/Marlene On the Wall/Ironbound

Book Of Dreams/Men In a War

Book Of Dreams/Space/Marlene On the Wall/Ironbound/Fancy

Book Of Dreams/Those Whole Girls


Compact Disc Collection

Compact Hits

Days Of Open Hand


Gypsy/Cracking/Night Moves

Gypsy/Left Of Center


In Liverpool

In Liverpool/Some Journey


Knight Moves/Some Journey

Last Years Trouble

Left Of Center

Left Of Center/Cracking

Left Of Center/Cracking/Black Widow Station

Left Of Center/Small Blue Thing

Left Of Center/Undertow

Left Of Center/Undertow/Cracking

Left Of Center/Undertow/Freeze Tag

Left Of Center/Undertow/Freeze Tag/Left Of Center

Live In London 1986


Luka/Left Of Center

Luka/Left Of Center/Neighborhood Girls

Luka/Night Vision

Luka/Straight Lines

Luka/Straight Lines/Neighborhood Girls

Luka/Tom’s Diner

Luka/Tom’s Diner/Left Of Center

Making Noise the 99.9F World Tour

Making Noise: the 99.9F° World Tour

Marlene On the Wall

Marlene On the Wall/Neighborhood Girls

Marlene On the Wall/Neighborhood Girls/Freeze Tag

Marlene On the Wall/Neighborhood Girls/Small Blue Thing/Straight Lines

Marlene On the Wall/Small Blue Thing

Men In a War

Men In a War/Undertow

Nine Objects Of Desire

Nine Objects Of Desire Interview Disc

No Cheap Thrill