Suzanne Vega Discography

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99.9F Collector's Single

99.9F/Tired Of Sleeping/Straight Lines/Tom's Diner

99.9F/Tom's Diner

Acoustic Ensemble Live Sessions At West 54th


Birth-Day (Love Made Real)

Birth-Day (Love Made Real)/Caramel/Small Blue Thing/Blood Makes Noise

Birth-Day (Love Made Real)/Women On a Tier

Blood Makes Noise

Blood Makes Noise/Bad Wisdom

Blood Makes Noise/Bad Wisdom/Men Will Be Men

Blood Makes Noise/Men Will Be Men

Blood Makes Noise/Neighborhood Girls

Book and a Cover

Book Of Dreams

Book Of Dreams/Big Space

Book Of Dreams/Big Space/Marlene On the Wall/Ironbound

Book Of Dreams/Marlene On the Wall

Book Of Dreams/Marlene On the Wall/Ironbound

Book Of Dreams/Men In a War

Book Of Dreams/Space/Marlene On the Wall/Ironbound/Fancy

Book Of Dreams/Those Whole Girls


Compact Disc Collection

Compact Hits

Days Of Open Hand


Gypsy/Cracking/Night Moves

Gypsy/Left Of Center


In Liverpool

In Liverpool/Some Journey


Knight Moves/Some Journey

Last Years Trouble

Left Of Center

Left Of Center/Cracking

Left Of Center/Cracking/Black Widow Station

Left Of Center/Small Blue Thing

Left Of Center/Undertow

Left Of Center/Undertow/Cracking

Left Of Center/Undertow/Freeze Tag

Left Of Center/Undertow/Freeze Tag/Left Of Center

Live In London 1986


Luka/Left Of Center

Luka/Left Of Center/Neighborhood Girls

Luka/Night Vision

Luka/Straight Lines

Luka/Straight Lines/Neighborhood Girls

Luka/Tom's Diner

Luka/Tom's Diner/Left Of Center

Making Noise the 99.9F World Tour

Marlene On the Wall

Marlene On the Wall/Neighborhood Girls

Marlene On the Wall/Neighborhood Girls/Freeze Tag

Marlene On the Wall/Neighborhood Girls/Small Blue Thing/Straight Lines

Marlene On the Wall/Small Blue Thing

Men In a War

Men In a War/Undertow

Nine Objects Of Desire

Nine Objects Of Desire Interview Disc

No Cheap Thrill

Portrait Of An Artist

Recorded Live In Berlin

RetroSpective: the Best Of Suzanne Vega