Nine Objects Of Desire Interview Disc - Suzanne Vega

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A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1996
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1 Could You Tell Me About Your New Album, "Nine Objects Of Desire"? 00:00:36
2 How Did You Decide to Explore the Different Sounds and Rhythms Found On "Nine Objects Of Desire"? 00:00:37
3 How Did You and Producer Mitchell Froom Incorporate Your Affinity For Latin Rhythms In the Recording Of Your Album? 00:00:53
4 You Explore Different Musical Styles On the Album. Which Styles Influenced Your Approach? 00:00:47
5 Untitled 00:01:20
6 There Are References to Various Locations On the Album. Are You Still Based In New York City? 00:00:53
7 How Do You Feel About the Increasing Number Of Female Artists On the Scene Today? 00:01:16
8 You Recently Recorded and Performed With John Cale. Do You Enjoy Working With Other Artists? 00:00:34
9 Do You Work Too Much? 00:00:27
10 You Wrote Songs For Your Daughter and Husband On "Nine Songs Of Desire". How Did They React? 00:00:57
11 Are You Concerned About Bringing Up Your Daughter In Today's World? 00:01:01
12 World Before Columbus (Acoustic Version) 00:02:58

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