UB40 Discography

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A Real Labour of Love

Breakfast In Bed

CCCP Live In Moscow

Cherry Oh Baby

Cherry Oh Baby/Food For Thought

Dance With the Devil/Red Red Wine

Don't Break My Heart

Don't Break My Heart/Mek Ya Rok

Geffery Morgan

Geoffrey Morgan

I Got You Babe

I Got You Babe/Nkomo a Go Go

I've Got Mine/Dubmobile/One In Ten

If It Happens Again/Nkomo a Go Go

Labour Of Love

Little Baggariddim


Live In Moscow

Maybe Tomorrow/Dread, Dread Time

Maybe Tomorrow/Dubwise/Dread, Dread Time

Please Don't Make Me Cry/Food For Thought

Present Arms

Rat In Me Kitchen

Rat In My Kitchen

Rat In the Kitchen

Red Red Wine

Red Red Wine/Cherry Oh Baby

Red Red Wine/I Got You Babe

Red Red Wine/She Caught the Train

Red Red Wine/Sufferin'

Sing Our Own Song

Sing Our Own Song/Rat In the Kitchen

The Best Of UB40 Volume 1

The UB40 File


UB40 1980-1983


Where Did I Go Wrong

Where Did I Go Wrong/Dance With the Devil