The video of "I Got You Babe" with Chrissie Hynde was filmed at Jones Beach in New York.

"Nobody was as shocked as we were to find out that Neil Diamond wrote 'Red Red Wine.' It said on the record 'N.Diamond,' but I thought it was Negis Diamond or something. To me it was always a Tony Tribe song. He sang it."--Ali Campbell

"I Got You Babe" with Chrissie Hynde was #6 in Australia, #15 in West Germany and #2 in the Netherlands in September 1985.

"If It Happens Again" was #7 in the Netherlands in October 1984.

UB40 on tour

UB40 band and crew with Wayne Isaak and Alan Oken

  1. Video Track. Billboard, September 7, 1985.
  2. The Soundtrack Explosion. Billboard, December 22, 1984.
  3. Hits of the World. Billboard, October 5, 1985.
  4. Hits of the World. Billboard, October 27, 1984.
Recording Years / Label
1983-1988 -  A&M Records
1983-1988 -  Virgin Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Ali Campbell vocals, guitar
Brian Travers sax, lyricon
Earl Falconer bass
Jimmy Brown drums
Michael (Mickey) Virtue keyboards
Norman Lamont Hassan percussion, trombone, vocals
Robin Campbell guitars, vocals
Terence Wilson (Astro) vocals, trumpet
Name Birth Death
Ali Campbell 1959-02-05
Brian Travers 1959-02-07 2021-08-22
Earl Falconer 1959-01-23
Jimmy Brown 1957-11-20
Michael (Mickey) Virtue 1957-01-19
Norman Lamont Hassan 1957-01-26
Robin Campbell 1954-12-25
Terence Wilson (Astro) 1957-06-24
Name See associated acts
Ali Campbell UB40 with Chryssie Hynde
Brian Travers UB40 with Chryssie Hynde
Earl Falconer UB40 with Chryssie Hynde
Jimmy Brown UB40 with Chryssie Hynde
Michael (Mickey) Virtue UB40 with Chryssie Hynde
Norman Lamont Hassan UB40 with Chryssie Hynde
Robin Campbell UB40 with Chryssie Hynde
Terence Wilson (Astro) UB40 with Chryssie Hynde

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