Y&T References

The reference sources are from major music trade publications and newspapers worldwide. You can sort the list by the article title or the publication date.

Reference Title Date Sort descending
Albums: Mean Streak. Melody Maker, 58:24. 1983-9-24
It's Alive. Melody Maker, 58:20. 1983-12-3
Mean Streak (AM 135) review, Music Week, 19.
Q&A With Y&T; It Only Figures. S. Simmons. Creem, 15:36. 1984-1
Reviews: In Rock We Trust. Billboard, 67.
Rockin' Robot Joins Ranks Of Veteran Rockers Y&T. Ethlie Ann Vare. Billboard, 96:40. 1984-9-15
Records: In Rock We Trust. Rolling Stone, 431:86. 1984-9-27
Y&T Cut the Pie (photo). Billboard.
Reviews: Open Fire (SP 5076). Billboard, 66.
Y&T Still Rolling Down the Long Hard Road of Rock. Stephen E. Wright. San Jose Mercury News, 3. 1985-10-9
Down For the Count (SP 5101). Billboard, 97:78.
Albums: Down For the Count. Melody Maker, 60:28. 1985-12-14
Video Reviews: Y&T Summertime Girls. Lee Black. Billboard, 65.