Y&T Discography

There are 185 releases for Y&T. Click below for detailed information.

All American Boy

All American Boy/Go For the Throat

Best Of '81 to '85

Black Tiger

Dirty Girl

Dirty Girl/Knock You Out/Hungry For Love

Don't Stop Runnin'/Forever

Don't Stop Runnin'/Rock and Roll's Gonna Save the World

Don't Stop Runnin'/Rock and Roll's Gonna Save the World/Mean Streak/I Believe In You

Don't Wanna Lose

Don't Wanna Lose/Black Tiger

Don't Wanna Lose/Squeeze

Down and Dirty

Down For the Count

Earthquake: the A&M Years 1981-1985


Face Like An Angel


Forever/Black Tiger


I Believe In You/Rescue Me

In Rock We Trust

Lipstick and Leather

Lipstick and Leather/Rescue Me

Mean Streak

Mean Streak/Midnight In Tokyo

Mean Streak/Straight Through the Heart

Mean Streak/Straight Thru the Heart/Dirty Girl

Midnight In Tokyo/Barroom Boogie

Midnight In Tokyo/Barroom Boogie/Squeeze

Midnight In Tokyo/Mean Streak

Open Fire

Rescue Me/Dirty Girl

Rescue Me/Knock You Out

Rescue Me/Shake It Loose

Rock and Roll's Gonna Save the World

Summertime Girls

Summertime Girls/All American Boy

Summertime Girls/Forever

Summertime Girls/Lipstick & Leather

Summertime Girls/Lipstick and Leather

Ultimate Collection

Yesterday and Today