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After Service

Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask/Citizens Of Science

Behind the Mask/Nice Age

Behind the Mask/Nice Age/Technopolis

Behind the Mask/Tong Poo/La Femme Chinoise


Cerca de la Mascara/Vacacion de Un Dia

Computer Game/Firecracker/Technopolis

Computer Game/La Femme Chinoise

Computer Game/Yellow Magic

Cosmic Surfin'/Mad Pierrot

Cue/1000 Knives

La Femme Chinoise/Mad Pierrot

Nice Age/Computer Game/Firecracker

Nice Age/Multiplies

Nice Age/Rydeen

Public Pressure

Special DJ Copy

Technopolis/Solid State Survivor

Technopolois/Solid State Survivor

The YMO Micro Sampler

Tighten Up

Tighten Up/Citizens Of Science

Tighten Up/Rydeen

Tong Poo/Cosmic Surfin'

X Multiplies

Yellow Magic (Tong Poo)/Cosmic Surfin'

Yellow Magic Orchestra

Yellow Magic/Cosmic Surfin'