Yellow Magic Orchestra - Yellow Magic Orchestra

Stock Number
31C 064 63185
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1979
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Computer Game (Theme from the Circus) 00:06:38
2 Fire Cracker 00:00:02
3 Simon 00:06:28
4 Cosmic Surfin' 00:04:27
5 Computer Game (Theme from the Invader) 00:01:00
6 Yellow Magic (Theme from the Circus) 00:06:20
7 La Femme Chinoise 00:06:05
8 Bridge Over Troubled Music 00:01:00
9 Mad Pierrot 00:04:22
Credit Sort descending Role
Al Schmitt mix
Altsushi Saito engineer
Amy Nagasawa design
Chuck Beeson design
Haruomi Hosono arranger
Haruomi Hosono bass
Haruomi Hosono electronics
Haruomi Hosono keyboards
Hideki Matsutake programming
Kunihiko Murai executive producer
Lou Beach cover art
Masayoshi Sukita cover art
Masayoshi Takanaka guitar
Mike Reese mastering
Norio Yoshizawa engineer
Roland Young art direction
Ryuichi Sakamoto electronics
Ryuichi Sakamoto keyboards
Ryuichi Sakamoto orchestration
Ryuichi Sakamoto percussion
Shunichi Hashimoto vocal
Shunsuke Miyazumi coordinator
Tommy LiPuma supervision
Tomoko Nunoi vocal
Yellow Magic Orchestra arranger
Yukihiro Takahashi drums
Yukihiro Takahashi electronics
Yukihiro Takahashi percussion
Yukihiro Takahashi vocal

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