The Word Is Out That Christian Music Is In!

Stock Number
L 184
Word Records
Released: 1985
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Amy Grant 1 It's Not a Song 00:00:00
Philip Bailey 2 I Want to Know You 00:00:00
Petra 3 Beat the System 00:00:00
Dion 4 Greater Is He 00:00:00
Leslie Phillips 5 Dancing With Danger 00:00:00
Joni 6 Spirit Wings 00:00:00
Amy Grant 7 Don't Run Away 00:00:00
Leon Patillo 8 I've Heard the Thunder 00:00:00
Michael W. Smith 9 I Am Sure 00:00:00
Imperials 10 Let the Wind Blow 00:00:00
David Meece 11 The Unknown Soldier 00:00:00
Evie 12 How I Love You Lord 00:00:00

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