Andy Fairweather Low Discography

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Andy Fairweather-Low

Be Bop ’N’ Holla

Be Bop ’N’ Holla/Lighten Up

Champagne Melody/Inner City Highway Man

Champagne Melody/Wide Eyed and Legless

Dancing In the Dark/Same Old Story

Every Day I Die/Standing On the Water

La Booga Rooga

La Booga Rooga/Halfway to Everything

La Booga Rooga/Wide Eyed and Legless

Mellow Down/The Light Is Within

Reggae Tune/La Booga Rooga

Reggae Tune/Same Old Story

Shimmie-Do-Wha-Sae/Hot Poop

Spider Jiving

Spider Jiving/The Light Is Within

Travellin’ Light/If I Ever Get Lucky

Wide Eyed and Legless

Wide Eyed and Legless: the A&M Recordings

Wide Eyed and Legless/Grease It Up

Wide Eyed and Legless/Halfway to Everything