Andy Fairweather Low

"A&M nurtured me. I was writing my own music and touring it from 1974-76 and I was never under pressure like in the pop days to come up with another single. I was contracted for five albums but only managed three because then the Sex Pistols came along and put an end to the kind of music I was playing. But for those few years my songs were on the radio, I was getting good critical reviews and for the first time I felt like this was exactly what I wanted to be doing."

A&M Records, Ltd. Managing Director Derek Green. "I signed him...because I loved his material, which he had never given any exposure. Then I wouldn't let him go into the studios for 18 months, and he and I just fell out because it was my fault, I just couldn't find him a producer. But when he eventually went in, it was with Elliot Mazer. I never had to think about it." 

"Andy Fairweather Low has blossomed into an important LP selling artist and concert attraction."--Derek Green in Music Week July 3, 1976

"Reggae Tune" was still unnamed when recording began. Low was working with producer Elliot Mather and the drummer on Paul McCartney's "Live and Let Die." "We were playing it as a country song but we got talking about the reggae part of "Live and Let Die" and [the drummer] started playing it with a reggae beat instead. It ended up as a top 10 hit." --Andy Fairweather Low


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Be Bop 'N' Holla New Music On A&M Records


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Recording Years / Label
1974-1977 -  A&M Records
vocals, guitar
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