Atlantic Starr - Atlantic Starr

Stock Number
31C 064 61915
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1978
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Stand Up 00:04:29
2 Keep It Comin' 00:04:35
3 Visions 00:03:32
4 Being In Love With You Is So Much Fun 00:03:57
5 Love I Never Had (I'll Never Miss) 00:03:55
6 Gimme Your Luvin' 00:04:57
7 With You I Come Alive 00:04:16
8 We Got It Together 00:03:53
9 Don't Abuse My Love 00:02:56
10 Where There's Smoke There's Fire 00:04:23
Credit Sort descending Role
Atlantic Starr arranger
Bernie Grundman mastering
Bob Higgins assistant engineer
Bob Mockler engineer
Bobby Eli arranger
Bobby Eli guitar
Bobby Eli percussion
Bobby Eli producer
Bobby Eli sitar
Clifford Archer bass
Damon Rentie flute
Damon Rentie sax
David Lewis guitar
David Lewis vocal
Doug Graves assistant engineer
Ellis Sorkin assistant engineer
John Hamagami illustration
Jonathan Lewis percussion
Jonathan Lewis trombone
Joseph Phillips congas
Joseph Phillips flute
Joseph Phillips percussion
Mark Hanauer photography
Pat Flaherty assistant engineer
Paul Shure concertmaster
Phil Shima design
Porter Carroll, Jr. drums
Porter Carroll, Jr. vocal
Roland Young art direction
Sharon Bryant percussion
Sharon Bryant vocal
Skip Cottrell assistant engineer
Steve Katz assistant engineer
Steve Mallory sax
Wayne Lewis arranger
Wayne Lewis keyboards
Wayne Lewis vocal
William Sudderth, III trumpet

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