"It's arrogant to think that your music matters to anybody but you. It matters a lot to me but I don't see how I could possibly expect it to matter to anyone else. But if it does that's great because that's what you aim for, never expect."--Black, RPM April 2, 1988


The single "Wonderful Life" sold over one million copies worldwide. Black told RPM, "The actual Wonderful Life which is on the LP, is just a remixed version of the independent single."

Black's debut album Wonderful Life charted throughout Europe. It was worked differently in the U.S. and Canada. A&M U.S. stopped promotion in February 1988 while A&M Canada continued to work the album. 

Black’s Jaundiced View Of Life Beginning to Appeal. Graeme Boyce. RPM, April 2, 1988.
Recording Years / Label
1987-1991 -  A&M Records
vocals, guitar

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