Captain Beefheart

Signed with A&M Records in 1964. Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band recorded enough songs for an album while signed to A&M Records. Jerry Moss refused to release the album saying the music was "too negative" and dropped Captain Beefheart from the label. The singles because the Safe As Milk album on another label.

Captain Beefheart's official web site added that Jerry Moss felt the song "Electricity" "wouldn't be good for my daughter."

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Recording Years / Label
1966 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Alex St. Clair guitar
Don Van Vliet vocals, sax, harp
Doug Moon guitar
Jerry Handley bass
Paul Blakeley drums
Name Birth Death
Alex St. Clair 1941-09-14 2006-01-05
Don Van Vliet 1941-01-15 2010-12-17
Doug Moon
Jerry Handley
Paul Blakeley
Name See associated acts
Jim Brady Sandpipers
Michael Piano Sandpipers
Richard Shoff Sandpipers