Split Enz

Signed Split Enz in June 1980.

The Split Enz album True Colours was the first laser-etched disc from A&M Records.


Split Enz

Unknown, Alan Oken, unknown, Neil Finn, Eddie Rayner, Marko Babineau, unknown


Michelle Marx, Split End

Split Enz with Michelle Marx (A&M Records)


The Split Enz single "I Got You" debuted at #1 in Australia and stayed there for more than two months. It reached #1 in New Zealand and Israel.

Australia's first video cassette was Split Enz's True Colours A&M album.

The first laser disc in the world was Split Enz's True Colours on A&M Records.

Split Enz's Waiata album went platinum during its first week of release in Australia.

Split Enz's Waiata album went platinum in 3.5 days in their native New Zealand and debuted at #1 on the New Zealand Top 70 Album Chart.

Split Enz in Toronto, Canada 1982

Split Enz in concert at Toronto, Canada's Massey Hall in 1982. 

Recording Years / Label
1978-1985 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Eddie Rayner keyboards
Malcolm Green drums
Neil Finn guitar, vocals
Nigel Griggs bass
Noel Crombie percussion
Tim Finn vocals
Name Birth Death
Eddie Rayner 1952-11-19
Malcolm Green 1953-01-25
Neil Finn 1958-05-27
Nigel Griggs 1949-08-18
Noel Crombie 1953-04-17
Tim Finn 1952-06-25
Name See associated acts
Eddie Rayner Jo Jo Zep
Tim Finn Tim Finn

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