Draglinewas released in 1993. By July 1995, it sold 72,000 copies. The band supported it with 250 concert dates over 14 months.

Paw's songs were used in the "Road Rash" video game in 1994.

To support the second album Death to Traitors in 1995 A&M sent albums to skateboard and snowboard retailers and placed ads in boarding magazines. Ads were placed in musician publications and fanzines. The ads had an 800-number so readers could order the album and other material.


Dragline 1993 press release

  1. Paw Takes Some New Steps with Second A&M Release. Steve Mirkin. Billboard, July 1, 1995.
Recording Years / Label
1993-1995 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Charles Bryan 1993 bass
Grant Fitch 1993-1995 guitar
John Licardello 1995 bass
Mark Hennessy 1993-1995 vocals
Paul Boblett 1995 bass
Peter Fitch 1993-1995 drums
Name Birth Death
Charles Bryan
Grant Fitch
John Licardello
Mark Hennessy
Paul Boblett
Peter Fitch

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